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    Episode 190 - Hurricane Heist: LIVE!

    I know the skull face in the hurricane has already been talked about and discussed but I have a new theory about it. What if that skull face is in fact a spirit trapped inside the hurricane. It kills Will and Breeze's dad in the very beginning and we first see the skull face. I think at that moment the old spirit of the hurricane was released and the new spirit, Will and Breeze's dad, has now taken control over the hurricane. This explains why when we jump to the present day storm it never hurts or kills our good guy main characters. It sucks out and only kills the bad guys in the mall scene while keeping Breeze safe. It aids Will in killing people with hubcaps. During the chase scene at the end it helps destroy the other two semi-trucks but not the one our heroes are in. Coincidence or hurricane dad? You decide.
  2. LJHolle

    Episode 184 - Johnny Mnemonic: LIVE!

    So after learning that Jessica St. Clair is obsessed with soundtracks I felt I needed to share my soundtrack experience with you guys. When watching the movie I heard this really weird song with lyrics that caught my attention enough to search up the song. The song is Complete by a metal band called Helmet. The song has some very interesting lyrics: Ignorance that's absolute A happy man is ruthless Experience won't change his life He works to be approved He deserves a happy end Asleep is almost painless His mouth is always clean and right He needs his entertainment He's a complete Feeds twice a day Eats through his meat He's always okay He's a complete Eats twice a day Can't keep him down He's always okay He's a complete Reads every day I never get down He's always okay Guard the lies He's a complete Feeds twice a day Eats through his meat He's always okay He's a complete Eats twice a day Can't keep him down He's always okay He's a complete Reads everyday I never get down He's always okay Lyrics talk about how clean his mouth is, how often he eats, how often he reads!? I hope Jessica downloads this.
  3. It seemed the group had a hard time understanding some of the odd lines in this movie as did I but one I think I understood was the joke about the nude lawn mowing wife. So he says his wife used to mow the lawn nude and people would ask if he married her for her money. Lets imagine that either big boobs or small boobs was this wife. If she was out there all the time mowing the lawn naked I am pretty sure the neighborhood would enjoy it. Now if an unattractive woman was doing this people might react differently and not not want to see it. So I believe the joke is obviously about the attractiveness of the wife and could be said as "well you ' marry her for her looks/body so you must have married her for her money"
  4. LJHolle

    Episode 161.5 - Minisode 161.5

    So we had a great response about the timeline of Dom's Baby but it leaves out Brian's family. He has a son in 6 and at the end of 7 the kid looks to be 3-4. How is Dom's child only 10 months? Was there an affair?
  5. LJHolle

    Episode 161 - The Fate of the Furious

    How does Brian's son Jack fit into all of this?
  6. Correction and Omission: I know you guys talked about the subway train going 700 mph and how everyone inside the subway train was flying around due to the high speed, but why wasn't Micheal Ironside affected by the speed? I mean his hair wasn't even blowing. Is this part of his immortal powers? Also when they crashed through that brick wall the subway train stopped rather quickly. I am no mathematician or an expert in physics but I would think something as heavy as the train going as fast as it was would have created a lot of force and that the brick wall wouldn't stop it as fast as it did.