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  1. Ok I would really love some type of sound effects board that I can hook to my Mac mini via USB and that I can hook my Blue Snowball USB into so my track can have sound effects during the podcast. Any suggestions?
  2. NosajTrah

    Needing Track Outs

    You want to do exactly what I do for my podcast. I use a service called Cast (https://tryca.st/), I log in and start a session and I email up to three other people a link which allows them to join. We all hear each other like its Skype and the software records a local copy on all computers and when the session ends it uploads them to your account, they are crystal clear. You can edit and host them right through Cast if you want but I download each track so I can edit individually on Audacity. I could upload the finished product back up to Cast as they host but I had already had a hosting deal with Podbean so I don't. I love it, it works great.