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    Episode 2 - A Clapper to the Ass

    I am enjoying this podcast. Michael Ian Black, I very much enjoy your absurd, too short-lived, character in the Stella series. Also, the Mike n Tom Eat Snacks podcast. I have seen/heard other things you have made after that but this is the first project since that really resonates with me. Why, you didn't ask? I remember reading Thomas Hardy in high school and getting bored and lost with both the tedious descriptions of nature with obscure vocabulary and the depressing characters. I also have a very short attention span when it comes to audiobooks, as perhaps my imagination is rich but it is also quite easily distracted. When you announced that the core of this podcast would be you reading a book, one by an author I had stored away as depressingly boring, I was thrilled, because I knew your dry absurdity would finally speak words to how I felt about this genre. Up until now, you have delivered, looking forward to listening to more of the episodes. Cheers from Switzerland! (A former matey who was a big fan of that one Toblerone episode)