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    Episode 194 - Yes, Giorgio: LIVE!

    A few things really with this episode. 1. Yes, getting your tonsils out is an elective surgery, I had to pester my doctor for years until I convinced him that my constant bouts of strep and constantly inflamed tonsils was something to be taken seriously. Side note, most singers who have had their tonsils removed will notice that their singing range will expand slightly. 2. Ovations at the end of each number within an opera are not uncommon, depending on the fame and notoriety of the performers involved, this can add upwards of an hour to an already 3-4 hour performance. Opera is gruelling sometimes... 3. Did NOBODY notice that "Giorgio" slapped the throat doctor on the cheek to get her to pay attention to him just as the arriving at the hotel in San Francisco scene? Because jesus.... 4. This might just be the worst movie I've watched because of my love of this podcast. I'd probably watch "Rad" on a loop for a month than ever try to watch this movie again...