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    Episode 197.5 - Minisode 197.5

    There is a specific reason why you can't get to Machu Picchu from New York by bus. It's called the Darien Gap, a dense rainforest / swampland that sits between Panama and Colombia. Fun facts about the Darien Gap: 1. It's home to many endangered species, including the adorable Cotton Tip Tamarind. 2. It's the only reason why you can't drive from Alaska to Patagonia. 3. It's a haven for right wing paramilitaries, who use it as one of the main routes to transport the many tons of cocaine produced in Colombia, Bolivia and Peru into Central America and the US. 4. It's one of the most dangerous segments along the Ecuador-Colombia-Panama-Mexico-USA route that many refugees and immigrants use to get into the US. Obviously, this is where the sequel should take place...