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  1. My BF and I were bugging about how this was what, a 2-3 day trip max, yet the brother had packed enough clothing for himself and to loan to Mario the entire time, through multiple outfit changes? The mom had set out warm clothes for them to go play hockey in too... like a full hat/coat/gloves+ situation for Mario, who arrived there in a suit with no coat or anything. Not to mention that the brother wore different versions of the same outfit every single scene -- a half zip sweater, usually blue. But somehow he has clothes that fit and are attuned to the personal style of Mario's character? The brother wasn't wearing anything like that luxurious crew neck, form fitted black sweater!! One more thing: The brother was SO weird. No one mentioned him sitting in the dark, alone, drinking beer in the garage? When MJH went to drop the trash she flipped on the light to see him there. Now, granted he was probably upset because she was "engaged" and he was still in the closet but uh, that's not anything we're going to address? And I guess it isn't the kind of thing you'd get into during an ABC Family holiday romcom but then why even add the scene in the first place? It was really odd.