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  1. Wool Fox-Pike

    Character Drawings

    Kind of you to say, Telegramsam! Thank you! Everything I love about what these guys do, gets amped up when other stuff I love unconsciously clicks with something they say. Maybe it's the abyss looking into me, or vice-y versa, but like what Ken said all the way back in episode 50 (right after Dave Anthony's running Barth), "...It's a writer's game." That has always, always hit home for me -- and when I first heard Ken saying that made my day. So, yeah, I fuckin' love Winter-Tom Waits and Clive "Dag Darkomen" Owen now that you made me think! Like Clive Owen from when he was in Children of Men, that's fuckin' Dag Darkomen! And when Tom Waits played Renfield from Bram Stoker's Dracula would be the most awesome, most jawdropping Winter! But even versions where real-life Tom Waits not being over-the-top, just sitting in the shadows, and Clive Owen just playing a big unassuming quiet guy but with a badass weather coat, not bad choices to imagine in the setting Blaine's tossed them in. And, hey, sorry I rambled on for so long guys.
  2. Wool Fox-Pike

    Character Drawings

    Just haven't posted in a while, and been meaning to. Houg in gold lamé with one HP. Just this side of not-canon and meta. Purplish fuzzy cloud around Lyra's tiara adds to the dropping acid vibe I'm feeling. Figure I'd throw a Jack-the-Ripper-ish twist to the conundrum of the appearance o' Winter. Dag as a trim and dour re-purposed Vincent Price-looking anti-hero is what I see in my head when I listen to Brian every time. I love Blaine's DM-ing, more an' more. So much goddamn whimsy, I'm suspicious he's cooking up somethiin'. And when! Sark comess around, I hope it'll be sheer chaos and hijinx galore all up and down the walls of the Earwolf building. Okay, back into the hidey hole for me. http://ab3tt3r2morrow.deviantart.com/ http://godrawstrauss.tumblr.com/
  3. Wool Fox-Pike

    Character Drawings

    Wow, thank you Gustaf!!! You da man! I only joined yesterday, but I've been a fan of your posts here from the get-go. !00% certainty there's a silent majority of us in awe, though I'm risking my lurker status just sayin' so.
  4. Wool Fox-Pike

    Character Drawings

    Long time lurker, first time posting. Dumbstruck these last few days. http://ab3tt3r2morro...h2014-438825913 eta; *Sigh* It took me waaay too long to realize how to post stuff.