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Episode 196.5 — Sklarbro County 101

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Hilarious Brooklyn native Dwayne Perkins stops by to share his thoughts on the recent Donald Sterling controversy on today’s Sklarbro County! Dwayne also explains why he’s become more of a fan of NBA players rather than claim a team, how his mom constantly tells him to do McDonald’s commercials and why Dr. Dre’s The Chronic is better than The Chronic 2001. As always, Daniel Van Kirk brings in some crazy stories including a Houston middle school teacher who admitted that she gave a student a birthday lap dance in class, a New Jersey man who returns the dog & tv he stole while on a first date, and the guys revisit the story of a 3-year-old who was found inside an arcade claw machine. Plus, the guys read some fan sent snail mail and NFL analyst Doug Buffone drops by just in time for some insight on the upcoming NFL draft. Make sure to head on over to Netflix to stream The Sklar Brothers’ one hour special “What Are We Talking About” right this very minute and don’t forget to cop the album available on iTunes today!

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So I think you guys are talking about me with the stengoraphy. I used to work at a stenography school and the first day another young guy like me told me to make sure when they asked for voulnteers to do mock trials to sign up. The reason was because we had to read the transcripts of actual trials to the students to give them a feel for the court room and the stuff you read was just insane (because the staff/teachers would go through all the transcripts they brought in to find the crazy shit).


My favorite one was a divorce where the testimony we read was about the husband cheating with an employee and the questions were all about the affair and, for some reason, her helping him hide some livestock he owned from his wife. So the questions would go from;


"Tell me about what he said after he pulled out his penis.."




"Now exactly when did you move the cows from the farm to the storage facility?"

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BTW, one of my favorite guy things happened in this one. The moment you guys were all trying to remember who the Jets picked up and then someone recalled it was Chris Brown, all four guys made these sort of gutteral sounds of agreement 'Yeah yeah...that...yeah...him...' and I just love it when that happens (listen for it the next time a group of guys are trying to remember a sports fact).

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