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Romance & Cigarettes

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It's a raunchy sex comedy where James Gandolfini has somehow married Susan Sarandon, has daughters played by Mary-Louise Parker, Mandy Moore and Aida Turturro (well, that one's sort of believable), and is having an affair with Kate Winslet. Already you may be drooling, and then you find out... it's a musical! With songs from Engelbert Humperdinck, Tom Jones, Janis Joplin/Dusty Springfield and Cyndi Lauper!
Sadly not on NetFlix. Needs to be seen anyway.

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Doubly creepy since John Turturos cousin goes topless while he watches her get her tits sucked.


That was a different movie. But don't worry, this movie has James Gandolfini and Kate Winslet messily eating fried chicken in bed just after fucking, so it's still got plenty of horrifying imagery.


Also, Christopher Walken sings about catching his girlfriend cheating on him and then stabbing her.

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