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Episode 16 - Front Page Boos (w/ Lennon Parham)

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Lennon Parham (Playing House, Womp It Up!) joins Zach and Jess for this spoooooky vampire musical that's sure to rival Phantom of The Opera, Jekyll & Hyde, and all other scary stage productions! With songs like "The Best Time Is The Night Time", "17 Year Old Colonial Ghost Boy" and "Mole People Are My People", you'll definitely want to listen to these tunes with the house lights on!

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I really loved this one. We had such great singers lately, I was getting nervous we weren't going to get people not known for singing anymore. But Lennon brought it! I loved her voice and her style choices.


Love this podcast.

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"Welcome to Corn Talk with Zach and Jess!"


I'm starting to think that Dagmar the Small doesn't get her aerial abilities from hollow bones, but because she's a...V-V-V-VAMPIRE!

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