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Episode 166 - Intro to K-Pop (w/ Shannon Locke and Angelica Davila)

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Korean pop music enthusiasts Shannon Locke and Angelica Davila join Emily and Deanna this week to give a total rundown on the rising popularity of K-Pop music! Shannon and Angelica explain how they became engrossed in the fandom, their favorite stars, and the typical K-Pop star origin story. Plus, we learn the truth about “biaswreckers” as well as how the girls came be a part of their own K-Pop dance crew.

*This episode was recorded before the tragic passing of Kim Jong-hyun.

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Here's the playlist as promised... hope you watch at least a few videos and enjoy. Thanks for listening!

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Sweet ep, both guests came off as pros, loved the rapport and enthusiasm, and pretty damn educational, despite having forgotten every term already.

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