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Episode 340 - Frisbee Cheer

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Carl Tart, Hillary Matthews, and Ali Ghandour join Matt Besser for this week’s improv4humans! We’ll hear about an extremely personalized wine bar, airplane passengers who rally against an obnoxious farter, and cheerleaders that lead their cheers with facts. Later, a street interview inspires terrible gift ideas for a nephew’s birthday.



(:52-8:36) Suggestion from Twitter- Cheese – Two people panicking about pronouncing food names wrong in a foreign country.

(8:43-13:32) Let’s Talk Some More About That – Ordering Wine – An extremely personalized wine bar that bases it selection from the customers pop culture interests.

(13:40-17:30) Let’s Talk Some More About That- Farting on an Airplane- Passengers on an airplane rally against a man that won’t stop farting

(19:05-29:00) What is Going On? – Bakeries That Won’t Make Wedding Cakes for Gay Couples – A gay couple tries to find a loophole to get a wedding cake from a Christian bakery

(29:49-38:15) What is Going On? - UCLA Frisbee Cheer – Cheerleader who create cheers with overly simply facts

(38:46-44:28) What is Going On? – Support Hamster Flushed – A man who can not bring his emotional support animal on the plane jumps to trying to kill it.

(44:39-55:26) Intern of the Street Interview- Awkward Teenage Birthday – An uncle brainstorms inappropriate gifts for his teenage nephew’s birthday.

(55:34-1:01:02) What is Going On? – Laws Stopping Looking at Your Phone While Crossing the Street – A man defends himself after hitting Jaywalkers with his car.

(1:01:11-1:14:00) Let’s Talk Some More About That- Cryotherapy - A cryotherapy engineer doesn’t understand how to use the phrase ‘a Sophie’s choice’

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