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Episode 349 - Flying Porta Potty

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Tim Meadows, Toni Charline, and Dan Lippert join Matt Besser for scenes about a restaurant that specializes in celebrity favorites, a fireplace soundtrack recording, and a guru who sees his clients in a bathroom stall. Plus, a mother searches for a baby that blew away in the wind, and a glassblower deals with the fallout from his shoddy product.




(:43-15:54) Intro Story- Seven Nation Army- A café that specializes in celebrities’ favorite dishes.  

(16:04-27:28) Twitter Suggestion- School Bus- The masterminds behind the fireplace sounds soundtrack.

(27:38-41:34) Discussion- Ecstasy vs Molly- a Guru based out a woman’s bathroom helps a couple in need. 

(42:06-54:24) Crap on YouTube- Flying Port-o-Potty- A media obsessed mother searches for her baby after it blew away in a storm. 

(54:34-1:04:29) Intern on the Street Interview- What Are You Looking Forward To? – A terrible glassblower faces an angry customer.   

(1:04:40-1:13:48) Question from Listeners- “Have You Ever Had to Tell a Friend to Stop”- Tim Meadows gives aspiring actors advice. 

(1:13:59-1:19:13) Question from Listeners- “Would You Rather Go on a Road Trip or Stay at a Resort? – A couple at an all-inclusive resort is disappointed by the lack of gay people.  

(1:19:21-1:26:43) Let’s Talk Some More About That- 5-Year-Old’s Nightmare- A father needs the specifics of his daughter’s nightmare to comfort her.  

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Tim has consistently proven to be the greatest guest in the history of i4H change my mind.

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