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Episode 366 - Hop Along and the Funky Butt

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Special musical guest Frances Quinlan of Hop Along joins improvisers Dan Lippert, Jon Mackey, and Seth Morris for this week’s improv4humans! Hop Along plays songs that inspire scenes about a kid under pressure to whistle well, an open house that attracts jazz fans, and a mom who finds a solution for bullies on the dark web. Later, a family hashes out their issues at Disneyland, sloppy weapons testers cause lab accidents, and a library gets packed with bands researching their songs.



(1:28 -  23:17) Let’s Hear a Song - “How You Got Your Limp” [1:47 - 4:11] 1. A restaurant patron only wants three single nachos (4:12 - 11:27) 2.  A kid who is under pressure to whistle well (11:39 - 23:17) 

(23:50 - 40:46) Let’s Listen to Another Song - “Well Dressed” [24:21 - 27:51] 1. Selling a house that attracts jazz fans (27:52 - 35:41) 2. A mom seeks hit men on the dark web to kill her daughter’s bullies (35:44 - 40:46)

(40:47 - 1:04:00) Let’s Listen to Another Song - “Not Able” [41:05 - 45:40] 1. Getting Cain’s side of the story (45:41 - 56:52) 2. A family works out its issues at Disneyland (56:55 - 1:04:00)

(1:04:01 - 1:21:17) Let’s Listen to Another Song - “One That Suits Me [1:04:19 - 1:08:53] 1. Sloppy weapons testers cause accidents in the lab (1:08:54 - 1:18:54) 2. A library gets packed with bands researching their songs (1:18:55 - 1:21:17)

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