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Episode 112.5 — Sklarbro County 17

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We’re going international this week as we welcome Kenny Hassan & Steven Cohen to Sklarbro County! They talk about the differences in English and American soccer commenting, having to be engaged in watching a soccer game, and the previous inaccessibility of viewing a game. Kenny & Steven also help us get into some stories involving; lawnmower Tebowing, a teenager who shot his penis while cleaning a gun he just bought, and another Where’s The Headline? Plus, our good friend Mark Wahlberg left us a voicemail as part of the Weekly Wahlberg.

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I miss these guys on World Football Daily, hasn't been the same since! Great to hear them together again.

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So, I am now of the opinion that Sklarbro Country/County benefits as much from lady energy as it does from accent energy, and on that front we got some catching up to do!


edit: I was trying to do something cute with an R and parentheses but it turned it into a symbol. A®®®®®®gh!

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