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  1. Here's one thing that concerns me. Roddy Piper impregnates all of these women to get the population restarted, then what happens? There are now all these Roddy Piper Fathered Half-Siblings running around, all of them genetically related, and if the population is gonna keep growing, who are they gonna keep the population growing with? Do they have to keep some kind of dog tag on, or a bracelet so they can identify each other so they don't end up fucking when they grow up?


    You've gotten rid of the frog people, but now you've potentially ushered in an in-breeding apocalypse.


    I didn't think he was the only one, just one of very few. Hopefully they keep good records and tell the kids who they should and should not procreate with...

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  2. A good friend of mine told me that a year or so ago, he'd met Rowdy Roddy Piper (in some Lancaster baseball skybox) and said they'd talked about making this movie. In my friend's words: "He basically was asked to do it with no script and was offered if I remember right $10,000. So he signed the papers then he read the script. He said his wife was pissed." Who knows if Rowdy was telling the truth or not, and I hope he's remembering the money amount wrong, but I think it's funny if his wife was pissed after she'd read the script.


    He ALSO said that Rowdy told him the scene where he signs the contract he accidentally signed it "Rowdy Piper" instead of "Sam Hell(man)." I tried to see the signature but couldn't, but the second time he signs it clearly looks like he's dotting something, like the "i" in "Piper."

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  3. I was trying to think of some other movies that I feel use the "female gaze" more correctly and I have to say the MCU actually does this pretty well (not including Age of Ultron for obvious reasons that don't need to be gone into again right now lol). They love to focus on Jeremy Renner's arms when he shoots (a personal favorite of mine), Chris Evans' nice ass at any point (okay another personal favorite of mine), and then Chris Hemsworth's torso any time he is shirtless. Especially in Thor 2 when they legit pan down his abs at one point. It's marvelous that they take all of that into consideration and don't just focus on the bodies of Scarlett, Cobie, etc...





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  4. Can we just acknowledge Hats' line: "He's really nice and he's really funny. I HEARD HIM IN CLASS ONCE." I'm just floored by this. She heard him in class ONCE. Amazing. Ok maybe it's just me but that is the most ridiculous thing. (Apologies if this was mentioned.)


    (Also, Robyn Lively was IN Punky Brewster. I love that. I wonder if that PB comment was on purpose.)

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  5. That was probably me. As long as he didn't talk, I guess it would be okay. He can stand there slackjawed with Vin Diesel the whole time. But when he opens his mouth, he's so annoying. He's half the reason Tokyo Drift is so hard for me to get through.


    Yeah I can totally understand that, but I guess it's grown on me a bit. :P


    Slightly related, I laughed that the kid from Home Improvement was in Tokyo Drift. haha

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  6. Oh shit! Those statue pics are from San Diego Comicon that year! I remember seeing them! Ahhh memories, it's been so long since I've been to SDCC. It's too expensive now. Bleh.


    For the Omissions segment...


    In the jumping through 3 buildings in a car scene, inside the 3rd building there is a makeshit museum or gallery of some sort with some statues that they crash and destroy before jumping out.




    Those statues remind me a lot of the statue army from the 3rd "The Mummy" film...






    Another "fun" fact is that the director from the first Fasts Rob Cohen is the director of The Mummy 3 and Universal owns both the Fasts and Mummy franchises... Could this also be an F.U. to Rob Cohen? Or maybe a wink / reference / same universe / obscure fact / statues gathering dust and occupying space in the universal studio lot? He also directed "Stealth" so...


    *Ps.: Oh wait a second... After listening to the episode this must mean that Universal movies DO exist in the same universe so years after The mummy movies the events of the "Fasts" movies take place... NAILED IT!

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  7. I don't know if anyone mentioned this (I'm slowly making my way through all the comments), but I think it's hilarious how much Lucas Black ages. They show the exact scene again from Tokyo Drift and then after he races Dom, they have their chat and he looks SO much older! I mean, I know he actually IS 9 years older, but it's just really funny to me. I like to imagine that that's what happens when you race Dom. It takes it's toll on you and and the more badass you are, the more youth you retain.


    That being said, I actually wanted him to join the crew. Or even in the next one. I know someone else commented that they were afraid that would happen but I'd love it. I actually watched all 7 of these movies in the last few weeks for the first time, so they're all really fresh in my mind and I want them to connect even further.

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  8. And while I'm at it, Mila vs Myla? I didn't really notice. I don't give a fuck, and unless your name actually is "Mila," neither should you.


    I have to disagree. While Mila most likely won't be listening to this, nor would she probably care, I think it's just polite to properly pronunce people's names when the correct pronunciation is presented to you. If you don't know it, fine, but in this case, it was a bit ridiculous.

  9. And the new, retarded rap version isn't corny? You've gotta be kidding me!


    And I'm getting sick of people suggesting that anyone who doesn't like obnoxious-ass rap must be old. Seriously, fuck you.


    Jesus, bro. Relax. Some people like rap, some people don't. Apparently the people that make this FREE comedy podcast for you actually LIKE the new theme song, so they're going to use it. I for one, think it's fucking AWESOME. And we could do without "retarded" usage, thank you.

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  10. Aside from the insane prison fires, there were just two other small things that jumped out at me. First, NO WAY was Cash wearing that bulletproof vest when he was shot. You could totally see his chest, like, bouncing a little when he was running.


    Secondly, when Tango scares that guy about to eat pasta, after a bit the guy says the other badguys were going to kill him. So he knows someone's out to kill him, but he just chills at home rumaging around in his fridge??

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  11. As a person who has worked in a state prison for a while now I can honestly say that they did have a lot of things right in regards to prison life, outside of the corrupt fighting and boiler room thunderdome scene. Outside of solitary or administrative segregation, the inmates are able to move freely to another inmates cell and visit or visit out on the yard, unless there is a code happening and then the inmates are placed into their locked cells. They are able to decorate their cells within the guidelines of the prison (no explicit porn or violent images, etc.). Many do have jobs inside the facility and if they are late it is the staff's responsibility to make sure they make it to their job by calling the guards to check on them.


    Honestly I don't work in a prison, but I feel like I've seen enough TV where this kind of thing happens, so I wasn't surprised by that stuff. But the fires in the hallways... haha