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  1. hey dong man

    hosts of the best show (CBB: the movie)

    pft and lauren lapkus doing the robot guy (starsley or some shit????)

    joe bongos

    silly valley cast + Jarles




    those are the good cbb's this year



    also the cbb where i walk to the liquor store and get more beer is good, but i can't tell if i'm too drunk or tired to go and do it. which episode is that again?

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  2. Am I the only one who doesn't think Box Angeles is totally unlistenable? I won't listen if I don't totally love the guest, but I thought Hayes' interview on there was really interesting, the dude is not a totally bad interviewer. I mean, you could tell he's chomping off the ol' Marc Maron bit, but who (that hosts a 1 on 1 somewhat serious interview show) doesn't?




    my top 7 shows (7 is the new 10)


    1. Hollywood Handbook

    2. WTF with Marc Macaroni

    3. U Talkin' U2 To Me?

    4. Comedy Bang Bang

    5. The Best Show

    6. The Champs (with Douggpound)

    7. Mike And Tom Eat Snacks

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  3. It took me about 7 months to get into but now Spontaneanation might now be favourite Earwolf podcast, PFT's just the best


    HH is 5th sorry not sorry



    I love your opinion! It's really funny, and I think the funniest part is how wrong it is. Being wrong is a really nice surprise. Surprises = Comedy. You did it, Thundercock69, you really did it.

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  4. The Best Show has pretty much taken over my listening time, ever since Scharpling's first HH appearance. I love it, it took a few tries to get used to his timing, but now I think he has some of the best comedic timing around. Also, Wurster's characters are 10/10, I'd love to see him take Philly Boy Roy on CBB or something, even though they do write out those bits pretty heavily with only a little bit of improv

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