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  1. i still have some stuff to see, including Silence which I'm pretty hyped for. then again, Scorsese has enough in the Canon, so here's my year-end top 10.


    Hail, Caesar

    Certain Women

    The Handmaiden


    Manchester By The Sea

    The Lobster

    Everybody Wants Some!!

    Green Room

    Hunt for the Wilderpeople



    damn, that top 10 looks a lot better than my 2015 list. Although Hail Caesar is my #1, I'd rather nominate my close 2nd, Certain Women.


    I haven't seen everything Reichardt has made, but she's becoming one of the best filmmakers in the world. Certain Women is so crucial in the shitstorm of a year we're having; just four women doing their thing. Working hard. Living life. Looking at America. Canonical as fuck.


    for the sake of the argumentatitive nature of the show, here are some movies that have gotten a lot of buzz that i'd vote against.


    Hell Or High Water - a western made by a director who doesn't have a passion for westerns. the modern upgrades are visual rather than ideal, as the transgressive relationship between a white sheriff and his native depute is unfortunately the most progressive part of the film.


    La La Land - a good film, but keeps itself from being great. Chazelle is reference-heavy, but it's almost like the start button on his blender was broken, whereas someone like Tarantino has a $90000 food processor for his references.


    American Honey - eyeroll, the film. heavy handed in its themes and dialogue that nobody would say in real life. sure i have a little bit of coastal elitism, but i've talked to plenty of people my age from middle america, and nobody is like that


    The Nice Guys - a neo noir that takes more from 80's buddy cop comedies than it should. the best neo-noirs, the funny ones, have a sense of seriousness a la Inherent Vice and The Long Goodbye.

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  2. Some real class acts in the comment section


    "vinci89 Yamete Onii-chan

    14 hours ago

    I don't get how true crime is an acceptable mainstream entertainment. How is it okay for a civilized society to get entertainment from acts of senseless violence and gore.


    "My favorite murder", sounds like a podcast run by joker and Harley Quinn. Don't care how charming the hosts are, I bet if someone they loved got killed they wouldn't want it discussed on a show named like that."

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