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  1. If it means anything, the best film podcast ever has gone through 3 co-hosts in its run, alongside plenty of guest hosts, and lots of of fans of Filmspotting would say that the current (third co-host) brings the most to the table. (Matty, #2, did the most for me, but I'm still listening each week). I don't think a guest host period would do the program any harm while finding a hard replacement. But that's also just the opinion of the selfish listener who wants more episodes.

  2. I like his response. I'd like to see him grow; even with the liberal views he had, he still came off as misogynist here and there on twitter and on the show, and I think this is the correct course of action. If he actually takes a leave of absence from the internet and seems to have come back as a changed person, I'd love to listen to him on the Canon and go back to reading his reviews.


    Until then, I'm sure Amy could carry the show with guest hosts; past guest Eva Anderson isn't necessarily a film critic or anything, but is great on podcasts and I'd be more than happy to have Amy bounce ideas off of her in the mean time. I hope the show continues, I love the format and Amy is one of my favorite critics.

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  3. Of all the late 70's/80's movies that my mom would rent from blockbuster during my childhood the only one I remember us both loving was Tootsie. I remember splitting with her on Nine to Five when my age was somewhere in that range (okay I may have been 10), but those are the two I look back on as essential mom-core.

  4. I love this film. If Hansen hadn't just passed I'd like a vs. with another 90's neo-noir, but it deserves an episode for pure tribute reasons.



    quick 1997 rankings


    Boogie Nights

    Jackie Brown

    Lost Highway

    LA Confidential

    everything else


    Chasing Amy

  5. Yeah I wouldn't take as far as Devin on the episode saying that Taxi Driver's ending being a dream would RUIN it, but it definitely takes a lot of the bite out of it. The first time I watched it, my initial reaction to the news clippings after the climax was "that can't be real", so I guess it actually being fake would make the story's turn a lot less effective.