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  1. John may have had the best high points in their early career, and George definitely wrote the highest points of their last few albums, but as a whole I think Paul was the most consistent Beatle.


    I'll defend "All My Loving" as the best early Beatles single far and away, Paul's cornerstone songwriting achievement in their pop days.


    Also, George released a classic double album, Lennon had some great solo stuff, but Ram is the best post-Beatles album and one of the great singer-songwriter records of all time.

  2. It was a 'yes out of consideration' until I rewatched it yesterday. Now its a hard yes...I hadn't seen this film in at least 8 years, and it blew me away! I will never get over how much I hate Ringo's opening joke->laughter at his own joke, but that just showcases the highs and lows of The Beatles as comic performers. John's tub bit was very Bugs Bunny (thanks for pointing that out Devin) and the visual style is impeccable. The Ringo wandering sequence visually reminds me of The 400 Blows (another hard yes on the canon ~70 eps back), and all of the music is beautiful. Lets think about that for a second though -- I'll find myself complaining that a movie relies on music too heavily, and that it feels like a music video (Almost Famous), but this just uses the songs in the absolute most perfect timing and order, to make this 90 minute mock-rock-doc feel like i just spent a couple minutes flipping through my Beatles CDs looking for my favorite tracks in their early work. When the opening line of All My Lovin', "Close your eyes, and I'll kiss you" came on, I couldn't help but start dancing and singing along to my favorite Beatles song. This is so great, thanks for choosing to do an episode on it, because I probably wouldn't have rewatched it otherwise!

  3. Like Devin, I greatly prefer Sherlock Jr. (can't even say that I LOVED The General) but this needs to be in The Canon. A historical dramedy, and the auteur losing control of his future films after the insanity and bold choices of The General, this film is Canon worthy for its importance and first-ness. Also, I can't really see Hollywood heroizing the Confederacy anymore (which is GOOD), so it should be canonized for representing that time in Hollywood too, right?

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  4. i saw Tyler the Creator outside of the movie theater tonight. he took his shirt off after i made eye contact with him. he also is one of those obnoxious people who has a beats pill type speaker when he walks around? like he's calling attention to himself even though he's famous and even in his own songs complains about people coming up to him in public?

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  5. did any other Los Angeles Canon listeners catch this tonight at Cinefamily?


    Not with the intended soundtrack, but a very impressive live band! Fantastic experience, totally relate to what Amy said in the episode about seeing this on a big screen for the first time -- immediately one of my favorite movies of all time.