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    EPISODE 130 — Rubbing Plants On Ourselves

    It's a repeat? I thought I developed a connection so that I could finish, and start the guys' sentences. :-(
  2. JackSmith


    You're right, he's not on, I just got a little too excited.
  3. JackSmith


    Vin is on Twitter for an IMDB interview! It's time to move! #IMDBAskVin
  4. JackSmith

    EPISODE 114 — Looking For New Friends!

    Hmm... according to Wookieepedia there was a lot of debate as to whether they were sentient... wouldn't that mean your character has intelligence of fou- <passes out from atomic wedgie>
  5. JackSmith

    EPISODE 114 — Looking For New Friends!

    Time to guess what Dan's character is going to be! Blue Tree Octopus Ithorian Myra the Thief Nyra the Thief Fric Lair - Druid John Francis Smith - Ranger
  6. JackSmith

    Does Nerd Poker change from early to later podcasts?

    They understand rule 0, unlike some people on these forums.
  7. JackSmith

    Episode 113 — Biker Giants are Dicks

    I feel like Lyra deserves a proper funeral. Does anyone else in the group have a bucket?