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  1. I'm on ep 23 of my RSS relisten and they were praising Dunham. Jeff, How many times have you listened to each episode of The Reality Show Show?
  2. Jeff, Would you mind telling the wolf den to get down low, way, way low and go ahead and suck on deez?
  3. Jeff, Will you give Sean and Hayes a ride in your batmobile?
  4. S-T-E-A-K on thes cheffing food If you know a plate or a table, or you have any friends who are plates or table, be careful Holding court in Walgreens Sweetheart, we know the rules Sugar, we knew the rules, nkay Plates are for food on, and not wall throw. Tables are for legs on the bottom, not for flip upside down. The girl in it has trouble shaving her butt gross Some of the hairs are like a fuse that actually goes inside his head That say "BONE" on one hand and "-ING" on the other hand It's not making as much noise as I want it to He skittered up into a corner His wiener gets stuck in all the brain wires Why today? All I know is room Oh, food water, now that makes sense! Get debeefed about the meating That's not Lorne Michaels, that's Lorne Michaels' nanny, Hayes. The Pepsiids were mex up Bein' on the toilet: funny You'd be able to fill up a whole Douglas Jesus Christ, Paul, I'm not Mark Stick it in your junk He's become a trashcan What a terrifying Halloweenisode science movies And hes was the first guy to put Cosby on blast James L. demonlover69 I just finished listening to this one for the third time, and I decided to transcribe some of the transcendent lines from this solid gold ep. Also, I'm glad you guys like the pics. We have fun here. Good times
  5. That's a lot of pressure. I guess I'll show you guys my D and my pets. I haven't done that yet And a bonus pic of me: My sock game was on point even as a youngun
  6. Right? That was like 3 pages completely wasted. Go to Deadspins or talk to your fellow gas station employees for that shit, ya damn jocks. I was thinking that and wondering if he was going to talk about Gourley, a close friend of Hayes and Sean. He hasn't been on in well over 6 months, so I think it's about time they have him on again.
  7. P-Shrimps are 5-0 so far. I think they could go all the way. Oh, you guys are talking about the NBA... sexist
  8. That was terrifying,but in a fun way. I think Hayes was the MVP of this ep. He was in Joke Beast Mode the whole way through. Of course Sean was also great and funny and cool and really smart in this ep. I liked getting some insight into PFT's character work and the chilled vibe he had. I'm worried about Wengert. Douglas was cool; I love fluids. James L. Brooks was here. BYE!
  9. Is Scripps running ads on the forums now?
  10. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Dirty_Jobs_episodes That should keep you going for a while
  11. You looking for an au pair?
  12. I'm sorry I laid out my issues here on the forum. I love all of you. Keep doing what you're doing. Every one of you is far greater than the average person by virtue of loving HH. In other news: I finished relistening to all of HH in order earlier today. I want to go through RSS again, but I have about 60 eps of CBB with less than appetizing guests that I haven't listened to yet. Any ideas as to which I should get to first?
  13. I'll take pretty much anything at this point, but we'll have to be quiet; I live with my parents. [shocking]
  14. You bring up a good point, steveh. This forum is starting to feel like high school, and those of us who were actually nerds, like me, are being left out with all this randy posturing. The point is, I'm a sad, lonely man and you guys are functioning far too normally for people that are supposed to be fans of a podcast like this. I know that it isn't my job to be the depressed guy on the forum, but I miss the old days of everyone making legit jokes instead of just flirting. Anyway, congrats on the new baby, steveh.
  15. We're all just yanking our puds until hayes comes by to ask for pcg questions, right?
  16. Climb inside my bellybutton beanbag plastic world
  17. While it was interesting to hear a different side of Sean, that ep of High and Mighty was a total friggin sn'oozefest. Extremely low bit saturation with extremely high math and strategy saturation. I love Gabrus and I've really been enjoying H&M, but that was tough to get through. I would only recommend this ep to completists and obsessive poker fans.
  18. That Anne Frank run was amazing. I don't know where my butt is currently. Really great ep
  19. First! "CancerAIDS!"--The AVClub Hey good lookin! I'll be back to pick you up later
  20. Lord Shitqueef

    EPISODE 105 — John Gemberling, Our LIVE Friend

    I think that a full episode could be devoted to a teezer freaser about this final force awakens teezer. I know that only the real nerds would be into it, but maybe it could open up some eyes, like the nip/tuck episode.
  21. Lord Shitqueef

    EPISODE 105 — John Gemberling, Our LIVE Friend

    Holy crap! That star wars trailer. I'm a big ole nerd with a rebel alliance tattoo and that trailer... Wow. Also, did anyone else here hear PFT say "what up what up" at the top of today's Spont? I think he's messing with us. I confronted him about it in the Ask Paul thread on the Spont forum and of course he ignored me and answered an older question.