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  1. KarvelaFilipa

    Episode 203 — Trauma

    Also had a vague dislike for Whitney. Her willingness to share is commendable. But when it comes to corrupt italian olive oil, screw it, switch to portuguese or spanish olive oil!
  2. KarvelaFilipa

    Episode 202 — Pickup Artist

    What a terrible guest! "David. David. Listen. Listen to me." That was SO infuriating, we could hear David almost losing his shit. If you're unsure about listening it will be worth it to get to the point where they all get what's happening and poke fun at Ross in his face. And he still doesn't get it.
  3. KarvelaFilipa

    Episode 200 — Advice

    This was a great episode. I too went "OH MY GOD! WHAT?!". Also, she looks fantastic.
  4. KarvelaFilipa

    Episode 199 — OCD

    There's nothing more satisfying than listening to David cracking up at Kyle's jokes.