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  1. ErsatzL'Faux

    Naked Lunch (1991)

    This. movie. is bonkers. But I really like it.
  2. So many I'd love to hear, but top 5 are: 1. Kuffs (1992) - I'm pretty sure that this movie is objectively bad, but I think it's fucking great. 2. Enemy Mine (1985) - I thought this was the most pretentious, dull piece of shit in a long time. 3. Leonard Part 6 (1987) - Bill Cosby's worst movie. 'nuff said. 4. An American Vampire Story (1997) - Worst movie I've ever seen. I paid a dollar for this DVD at a grocery store and was way overcharged. Bought it exclusively for the Adam West cameo and he's not even good in it. 5. Slapstick (Of Another Kind) (1982) - I like the book a lot, and...this is not that book. So many funny, weird people being too weird and not funny enough.
  3. ErsatzL'Faux

    The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle

    This movie is, indeed, pretty terrible, but I really like it for the fantastic character work from great actors.
  4. ErsatzL'Faux

    Undercover Blues

    I grew up with this movie. It's so much fun and very dumb. Love it.
  5. ErsatzL'Faux

    Kuffs (1992)

    I fucking love this movie, but it is quite bonkers. Review it!
  6. ErsatzL'Faux

    Episode 109 - FACE OFF: LIVE!

    My pairing of Face/Off-ers of all time: Jimmy Stewart as Sean Archer and John Wayne as Castor Troy. You know you wanna see that,
  7. ErsatzL'Faux

    Abraxas, Guardian of The Universe

    This should totally be an episode. Jesse Ventura's only leading role, and when has a Jim Belushi cameo ever been bad, right? Right?