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    EPISODE 109 — The ScuzzMan Returns

    I liked this one better than the last Scuzzman ep. I guess I should re-listen because it seems I am wrong for not loving the Scuzzman. I mean, I even stumbled across a rumor that AMC was going to do a semi-fictitious series based on the life of Scuzzman. Could be the next Breaking Bad.
  2. Scuzzman, What is your take on mansplaining? How do you tell someone what mansplaining is without mansplaining mansplaining to them? You should go back and answer Jakal's question because he's finally ambitious enough to ask questions himself instead of "delegating" them to other forum members.
  3. Drake the type of (fellow) who leaves his family to look for a new home while his lady takes their kids through the mean streets of Boston only to find him resting at their new home and he don't do shit to help her cross streets or nothing. He also has a corkscrew dick.
  4. In recognition of your service you are hereby deputized. Protect and Serve good man.
  5. Joe, COPD is a real issue that negatively impacts a lot of people. You should probably talk to your doctor about a combination of combination beta2-agonist and a corticosteroid medicine. It might help with those breathing problems because you don't sound right.
  6. HOT TAKE. Sean did a great job this episode. I'm not saying he normally doesn't do a great job. It's just a compliment. Any inferences you make about Sean's comedic performances in other episodes is something you are projecting onto my words. MOVING ON, I enjoyed laughing during this episode, particularly at the jokes, but also in general. The raw emotion of Sean rummaging through Hayes' micro-horder drawer was oozing with a bittersweet sadness that stirred something deep within me. Indigestion, regret, lust, it's hard to put into words. Finally, I don't get enough raw takes on Russian aggression in Syria in real life, so it's refreshing to know Sean has the balls to speak truth to power. It's sad to know that Hayes might be the only thing that stands between knowing the truth and living in an illusion, but he is slightly taller than Sean so it makes sense. 8/10 bonus points for Hayes calling in and for the boys rekindling their bromance.
  7. I'm getting tired of these pre-roll adds.
  8. I am way behind on fun life reading due to life being dominated by boring reading, but I have strong respect for SG and will add that to my to read list.
  9. I cannot promise not to make jokes about everything on that list, but I 100% support your conviction on the greatness of Squirrel Girl and your mom.
  10. Congrats on getting the pro-version. Also, thanks for spelling the quoted reference. Totally went over my head as though it did not need roads* during the first table read.
  11. ........ was slyly trying to hide his viral fame. Jokes on you .........! I'm a super sleuth!
  12. Pro-tip on "being a guy", if you have to say "I'm a guy now" repeatedly you might be selling it wrong. PS. Total dick haver here.
  13. Oh, I was going to mock Spunky for being a nerd and give him a swirly, but then I saw this:
  14. I don't have much to add to this, but I just wanted chikn dancer to show up on the next page.
  15. Let's not go crazy with these accusations.
  16. Rumour has it that Sir Andrew is so tall he cannot see the little people. Be it children or the masses unworthy of his notice.
  17. I loved getting a glimpse inside Engineer Brett's head.
  18. Bring in an EGOT to this party and it would get downright filthy.
  19. For what its worth, he probably just pretends to get the jokes.