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  1. I liked serial at first, but the fact they didn't even look into whether the woman was killed by sasquatch confirmed it was in the pocked of the illuminati.
  2. late to podcast review thing: podcasts I listen to - I like them. podcasts I don't listen to - mostly shit.
  3. Casey. You seem like good dude and I think your heart is in the right place, but it's 2015, almost 2016, and I think you need to not project your hangups on other folks. Love is a crazy thing and they heart wants what the heart wants, labels be damned. To Sean and Grace, my your life and your love exist without puritanical limits.
  4. Solid choice in days to be born. I made the same choice 35 years ago and I only regret parts of it.
  5. Also the boys freaked my skellington been and tossed my joking salad out the window, because they sure nailed my perfect day at the beach. Guessing Hayes hacked my online dream journal again.
  6. I loved the nostalgic throwback to this old PSA.
  7. I knew Sean and Hayes were special. Sean especially, given the recent hullabaloo over getting "Clewdawg bucks" or whatever you get when one of our overlords acknowledges our feeble humor offerings. Regardless, I knew these guys were tapped into the very soul of Hollywood and by proxy, America. So when ClockMaster Ahmed was picked on by 'The Man' and then the Command-nerd-in-Chief said, "Hey, Ahmed, show me your clock" and Mark Zuckernerd said, "Hey, come by FB", I knew the message long heralded by our dear sweat boys had gone viral. It was like Obama reached his all seeing hand into the Twitterverse and said, "my child, I heard your cry. Fear not. Nerds are cool." And, lo, from that day forward it was so in all the land.
  8. It has been a while since there was any trauma. The town was starting to heal and life had returned to normal. No one forgot, but they didn't like to talk about it either. Now the rumors are coming from the underworld. The Gargoyle Boyz might be stirring. I can only pray this isn't the case. My nose still carries the sulfuric burn of their putrid, toxic piss.
  9. Reports of my demise are overstated, but Mike Bonetti is now like a SF based punk band, Dead to Me.
  10. Kittens, where are the false promises of near future posts? Keep that bag beer cold good friend.
  11. Look who got his beta tester copy!!!!!! So very excited. PM me if you want to come over to play after my mom goes to work.
  12. You might want to get that checked out, flu season is just around the corner.
  13. You should get that checked out. Flu season is just around the corner.
  14. He could me "What What?" which is also a celebratory phrase that conveys excitement.
  15. Jesse, My friend Jakal isn't good at asking questions and keeps asking for others to do his work for him. Should we just let him fail?
  16. Jesse, - How do you answer cynically ironic questions about New Sincerity? - If new sincerity is post post-modern, shouldn't it just get it's own name?
  17. Jeffrey, super happy to be in the story. Over the moon to be a sentient schoolbus robot. No complaints there. Minor note, can my robot character provide you with a cool, non-bedazzled lightsaber holder?
  18. This hits pretty close to home for me Val. It's weird being a character in these stories. I never know if I wish my mom was a better, more successful writer or that she'd just quit. Increased fame and income would definitely help around financially, but the ending these stories would help with the night terrors. Sometimes I'm like, "MOM STOP, you know I don't talk like that and I would NEVER do that with Mrs Rounds. At least use Ms Parker if you are going down that road!"
  19. Do you fall over comedically as well?
  20. - I think I should live because I've not even gotten into the story yet. Hard to be killed when you can't be found. - I am naturally wary of robots - I'm handy to have around in post-conflict times when it's essential to restart a society - I've seen Battlestar Galactica - I've read Isaac Asimov's Robot Series and the Foundatoin series, even the second trilogy which wasn't as good, but still fun. - Did I mention that if I am killed I am guaranteed to haunt you in your dreams?
  21. Norm. There are some things we don't say here. That is one of them. The other is Tron.
  22. Agata, great job on the show description. Felt like I had a much more welcoming intro to the podcast this week.
  23. I know some of you all are parent's so I wanted to provide a helpful warning, the boys were not joking about that racy minions movie. It was never official released, but it leaked in Spain. Be vigilant that your kids do not get their hands on this. Some things you cannot unsee.