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  1. I remember the days when real witches and wizards would play for the love of the game. Those kids with their weird hair, tattoos, and performance enhancing potions... they just don't play the game the right way anymore. All flash, no fundamentals.
  2. Hey Ross, 1. What is the best water for bagels? 2. Does making the bagels pussy shaped add or detract from the eating experience? 3. If the Emperor's New Clothes was retold in modern day Hollyweird, who would you cast as the Emperor?
  3. HG can be interesting from the perspective of 'What would the life of a female child soldier with PTSD be like?" Yet, both the book and movies quality was inflated due to a global "holy shit there won't be another Harry Potter book" fit.
  4. Children suffering is fun? I don't fully get the rules of GoS name game. I'll give a submission and you tell me if it's good or needs a punch up. Mac and Mein Kampf
  5. Woah. This forum as stopped being nice and started getting real... drunk... and huggy. So long as it doesn't get handsy I'm all in.
  6. Favourite Episode: Matt Gourley Favourite Film: The Royal Tennenbaums Favourite TV Show: Parks & Rec or Agents of SHIELD Favourite Band: Lagwagon Favourite City: Can't really answer that one. Like bits of many. Red or Turquoise: Red Famous person you'd give a kiss on the cheek: Samuel L. Jackson (for the story. would be more of a forehead kiss as though I was giving him my blessing) Favourite Number out of 70: yes Joe and Tim's Celeb Couple Name: JoeFuckyourself COOL RATING: <error>
  7. Joke notes: Good punch up.
  8. I don't listen to any news podcasts, but the twitter is a pretty decent way to get close to realtime info and links to quality reporting. That is if you follow journalists. Most of the folks I follow are either academics or frontline journalists. If you find a few voices that seem reasonable you can usually expand from there to pull in other interesting perspectives. Those I follow are fairly biased towards the Africa/national security side of things, but feel free to browse @houstonshearon if that is helpful.
  9. McGurl is our American Pie.
  10. Three men and a (dead) baby: a dark, dark dramedy reboot of the franchise. The film serves as a vehicle to critique all popular tropes that fathers are inept.
  11. Is Sean's common knowledge in these parts?
  12. Let me know if you book a gig in Atlanta. Also, I just finished the Reality Show Show..... I really enjoyed hearing HH be created over 39 WONDERFUL episodes. I really, really wish that it was still going as I would love to hear them break down Britain's Hardest Grafter. A show where poor folks compete against each other for money. It's already being described as 'poverty porn'.
  13. I enjoy that your imagination assumes he already had the wig.
  14. In the immortal words of King Arthur, this is a silly place, but unlike Camelot you should come here! The only read drama is around here involves the name of the poster who was first. It's a real 'will they' (accept me)/'won't they' (stop asking him to change his name). So far the consensus seems to be 'no' on all counts.
  15. I believe it might pull from the same source that Hardwick and Sean use to award POINTS! Meaning, once that code is cracked figuring out dark matter will be a breeze.
  16. At first Letterman was team Cantaloupe: But then he was all like: America just wanted him to pick a side. I guess that's why they gave the show to Colbert.
  17. That's not you? I just say follow your heart. My heart is full of the pro-version, but I am just one man.
  18. I suppose there are always exceptions to any rule.
  19. Holy Shit. I had no idea Hayes was possibly in his 70s and Sean was well over 100. Their youthful energy and playful spirits really make them seem so much younger. Ep Highlights: - Acknowledgement that the real best of episode was everything they've ever done. - 'gap toothed fucking buffoon.... who I like" - the extensive mocking of 'I was influenced by David Letterman' pieces last week by guys like Scott Aukerman - surprise guests of Lauren Lapkus and a Wild Horses of talking loud. - 'somehow making a list proprietary' - ANNNNNNNNNNNND PROVERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going to throw it out there. Choose your real name and face, because it is infinitely more satisfying to hear than something like, oh, LilacThunder.
  20. It's entirely possible that my subconscious is not voiced by Sean Clements.... Incase you can't read my horrid handwriting it says "what is frictions*". *not a sex joke.
  21. You are on the record as saying you don't like jokes or fun, but your crafty words (exhibit A above) suggest otherwise. Is your hatred of jokes a joke? Is this what meta is?
  22. After you get your Buzzfeed cred could you write a "Ten Reasons why Hollywood Handbook is the best podcast you aren't listening to"?
  23. Houston

    EPISODE 351 — CBB: The Movie

    Ho ho, that you? If so, speak on that.