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  1. That explains the look of confusion on that mans face. He didn't even like doughnuts.
  2. I hope Sean and Hayes know that a popcorn is created by the expansion and gasification of water stored in the kernel. So that tear water is precious stuff!
  3. We had falling out. It's painful and I'd rather not speak on that.
  4. I did some research on scary lilacs. I am not a scary inn, a scary bush, a scary storm, a scary bed, or a pithy scary saying that is an odd appropriation of a little used motivational poster against Nazi bombs. So I guess I dinosaur scary. Which is why I jokes because when you see a dinosaur you expect violent death and not jokes, thus surprise. As we learned that comedy is surprise, what is more surprising than a laughing dinosaur? (but not barney. I will cut him for what he did.)
  5. You make good points about scary. I feel I've lost myself........ are I evil and scary?
  6. I know this forum is supposed to be fun and jokes, but making light of stealing someone's thunder? THUNDER?! That's a little close to the bone. That said, points for differentiating between shug monkey and shrug monkey. A lesser fear expert would assume that is a typo and fail to acknowledge the difference. Such a mistake can be the difference between life and death. 3.5 Stars.
  7. The original captures my scary teeth better.
  8. Gnomes? They are bastards.
  9. It's a blown up image of the district where gnomes supposedly live. That said, it is well known that the Amazon is full of Skelingtons, Frackingsteins, Draculas, Yetis, Bigfeets (plural), Wolfman AND Wolfwoman (they have sexy fur. that's how you know the difference), Nessies, Bessies, Chessis, Champs, Monkeyman (but no monkey women), Hair trouts, Goblins, Swamp Monsters, Ivory billed woodpeckers, Jersey Devils (New and UK variant), Jackalopes, Krakens, Lizard persons, Mers of all genders, Eugene Mirmans AND Eugene Mirwomans, Red Pandas, and Mummies. Probably a product of occult nazi science and witchcraft. The video is fraud because gnomes are from Spain and cannot swim.
  10. Silly, this is amazing. I've been told my teeth are scarier, but that is a minor quibble. Old Sean and Hayes better print this bad boy off and tape it to the teaser freezer!
  11. Oh, right. I didn't know if material pre-boycott was fair game. Noted.
  12. Don't worry sweetheart. It's all good. Don't worry your pretty little head.
  13. Is there an app counting for bussin' up time? There might be record bussin' on this ep. Good scoop troop top tips. Also, not to get real, but is the California drought going to impact the availability of popcorn for the gallery? I said the popcorn gallery. yeah. 4.5 stars. edit: sorry for the double post. #hydrocodineproblems
  14. They say write what you know. Is there an app for bussin' up? There might be record bussin' on this ep. Good scoop troop top tips. Also, not to get real, but is the California drought going to impact the availability of popcorn for the gallery? I said the popcorn gallery. yeah. 4.5 stars.
  15. Houston

    lets play a game

    I suggested you were a robot. Robots have cameras and no friends.
  16. I know that some time has past, but I wanted to recognize Greggy for a brilliant joke. 5 stars.
  17. I get that reference. Prospective Murderer wielding axe = scary and dangerous. Prospective Murderer wielding Lynx = scary and dangerous, but also mysterious. How are the Lynx bent to his will?
  18. Matt Gourley, Our Close Friend is pretty fantastic. Second, like Liam, I have a particular set of skills. Unlike a lot of you those are not artistic skills. That said, I did create something in my brain and then the internets. It is silly, but I would lie if I said I am not really enjoying it. If you care to humor me by going to #raficruz to check out these creations I would be honored. Ted Cruz was born Raphael Cruz. For some reason this connected in my brain to the wisdom of Rafi from The League. Hopefully hilarity ensues.
  19. Matt Gourley's baby voice, tiny voice, woman voice, whatever it is that he does is cripplingly hilarious.
  20. Joke notes: at first it wasn't funny. Lying about boobs isn't funny. Then you made a call back, which made it a little funnier. THEN you joked about if it was a joke or not. I'll be honest, you were winning me over. You demonstrated vulnerability and impulsiveness. By the end you earned a full hearted chuckle. 4 stars.
  21. I was certain it was Michael Winslow given the scratchy sounds at the beginning. That guy has skills.
  22. That is serious mathnerd.
  23. Houston

    lets play a game

    What about the space race or the amazing race?