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  1. BWilly is also the Jackal. It's a more common name than I thought.
  2. Highlight: Paul rambling/discussing about The Batman. Aka the batting gentleman. Lowlight: No dictator of the week discussion. This is setting up to be a lovechild of the Thompkast & Superego. I want to marry that lovechild. 3.5 Stars.
  3. TotesAwesome, is your cat a Miley cool girl who only sticks tongue out for pictures?
  4. Do I see a brgrho in the O? UPDATE: Spooner already pointed him out. More at 10.
  5. That's a really good drawing. Can you draw the popcorn gallery bag? I know its noise, but not it's looks.
  6. Houston

    lets play a game

    Are you Hal 9000? He liked to play games.
  7. I once caught a football from Bobby Hebert. That doesn't mean I am a jock now, does it?
  8. Was it ok hugging? There was some confusion about the nature of the hugging.
  9. Do you accept collect calls?
  10. It is an answer to a question. POINTS! Also, I'm sorry for your loss at Pompei. #notallvolcanos
  11. I shall defer to the wisdom of the future former Senator from Nevada. Follow up question and statement: Question: Mr Senator, are you eyes better? Statement: I assume that everything said in this forum should be taken in jest. I for one, while enjoying this forum, could not commit to a joke on a random Taylor Swift fan site. No matter how funny it would be for 15 minutes. As we all know, comedy is surprise. Not being mean to random people.
  12. Counter proposal. Pick a random podcast with a forum. Never listen. Become regular forum posters, but always be someone off topic and ill informed.
  13. That Hanks story reminds me of the time I was an intern on the Breaking Bad set. It's well known that Bryan Cranston is a funnyman. He was going to play a joke on John, Banks. Bryan told me to fill his John's trailer with helium balloons while he was on set. So I approach his trailer holding 100 balloons. I got to open the door and John walks out. The surprise made me let go of the balloons. I also pissed myself because of his angryface. That was my last day. Banks but no pranks.
  14. In prison I was approached by two rival gangs who both wanted me to join. I was flattered, but I just couldn't make a choice... Shanks, but no shanks.
  15. 1. It was supposed to be the Swedish Chef. 2. I had a cold.
  16. I don't always mix my love of comedy and work against east african tyrants, but when I do it is always with Paul F Thompkins and friends. Also, Matt Gourley's 'small voice' might be one of the most joyous sounds in the known universe. 5 stars.
  17. I understand that comedy is about surprise now. That skilenton definitely was comedy because surprise, but please in the future could you offer a little teaser first? Maybe warning me that comedy is coming? That way I know to be comedy surprise and not scary.
  18. Long time listener, first time questioner. This show has educated me about the relationship of comedy and surprise. Comedy, as we all have learned, is surprise. Yet, I struggle with something. Surprise can be scary. So is comedy really about being brave of the scary?
  19. Houston

    Why is nobody doing this?

    I'm a newbie like you, but I came here for jokes. I don't know how I feels about your words. Wait.... is this notes or is this jokes?
  20. I've been thinking about this one for a bit. I think what made the episode so enjoyable was the insane mashup of characters. Andrew Lloyd Weber El Chubacabra Traci Reardon/Marrisa Wampler It still feels inferior to Michael's ep. I constantly looked like an insane person laughing alone walking down the sidewalk.