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  1. the call in show was a pretty huge let down in my view.
  2. SteveH, I can't tell you what to do with your life and impending baby, but it sounds like you really should've thought more about coffee before you and the wife got pregnant again. Congrats on the kid, but sorry about the coffee.
  3. If you were going for a mean joke you nailed it because boy is that post average. #mathslams #thanksalgebra
  4. No idea. Not sure it's a thing one can do. I assumed it was a joke. Maybe he's one of those hacker types or is really skilled at strategically taping paper to his computer screen. If he did I will look forward to the forthcoming tutorial.
  5. Oh, I take no joy at your burn point. It was merely scientific conjecture. Also, I never said you had to be alive for the experiments. I standby the joke about the shirt as it lead to the flamethrower thing which brought joy to the nation.
  6. flamethrowers are cool.* cluster munitions, landmines, and chemical weapons are not. Whilst chemical weapons are banned under the Geneva Convention, I believe the other weapons are banned under different laws. That said, flamethrowers were disused by most modern nations due to questionable effectiveness in military operations. Very good for snow clearing though. *cool being not banned. not a fan of burning people alive. to each their own I guess.
  7. good news bad news mark. Good news, that coin isn't the only rare find you have in your house. Bad news, you got yourself a chupacabra. I had the ladies in the lab do some renderings.
  8. Careful silvr, Spunky is the know to be the Robert Durst of the rodent world. Don't underestimate the literal skeletons in his closet. edit: closet. kitchen table. piercings. jewelry. voodoo supply chest.
  9. Wargen, Your list is pretty messed up. Super offensive. If you'd read the archives you'd know that I am not a porn star and am actually severely allergic to them. However, I am a Nephilim so I'd appreciate some respect and your list further amended to reflect my divine origin.
  10. down transistor? (album or song) hmm. I once saw them play a very halfhearted concert in highschool. First, you spell my name wrong. Second, you blocked me. Third, you lump anyone in high school or college in the late 90s as a bad person? Alright grandpa. Are we at war?** **If we are a legitimately do not know what that entails but I will abide by the Geneva Convention.
  11. Tread carefully Shortzenegger, stars can be VERY divisive things.
  12. Can't nobody take Bunb away from me!
  13. #iwantmybabybackbabybackbabyback
  14. Good ep. Started looking for some ways to pimp my own crib. Stumbled across this beauty looking through the classifieds for car rims. Gotta start saving.
  15. B bus undervolt is my middle name. My mom was a hippy and my dad was an aerospace engineer, so accuracy doesn't really help me, but I do appreciate your accuracy space coffee cup!
  16. Yes. Many times. It was very briefly funny. Then it wasn't. It did help me cultivate a very insulting brand of sarcasm that was subtle enough to trick simpletons. Powerful enough that I had to either learn when to stop or to never break. Mostly I just wish I was a maverick astronaut in the vein of Mark Watney so I could turn that saying on it's head, "Houston, this is Houston. I AM the problem."
  17. Fair. Been better, been worse.
  18. Good question - It doesn't have a J or a horseshoe in it. Since a horseshoe is very much not a letter, I think it's the first one. I am named after Sam Houston, first president of Texas and old family friend, so the pronunciation is the same as the city of Houston, Texas. Home of NASA.
  19. It's pretty messed up that the boys thing they can enjoy a holiday. What do they thing this is, fun and games? I'd say enjoy your holidays, but that seems impossible now.
  20. Ok. So either you forgot to check your pocket for the flare or you shot it not east. My crew is getting thinned out up here. Bob took up with some mountain folk and seems happy, but I have a sinking feeling that Bob is being fattened up to serve as a holiday roast for those mountain folk. Frank was a diehard movie buff and wanted to try to relive a disputed scene from The Revenant. I tried telling him that it was some weird non-story and that he was best off leaving bears alone. RIP Frank. It's not me and Phil now. We've sent smoke signals to BR3, but I think we are alone. Anyway. We've tracked the Squatch to the lodge and are working on an assault plan. We'll keep you posted. Stay strong. #chansonstrong
  21. Chanman. Check your back left pocket. I snuck a flare gun in there just in case you got squatch snached. Find east and fire the flare in two hours. I have a crew rolling towards the woods as we speak. We want to capture the squatch alive if at all possible. Also, please make sure you are not wearing your faux fur jacket as I don't want any confusion.
  22. I love the boys, but they should've known better than to go after the Illuminati. Those guys own podcast engineers so this 'error' shouldn't surprise anyone.