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  1. I listened to this podcast.

    Words 8/10

    Laughs 7/10

    Hayes Screaming KEVIN 10/10


    First part was a bit slow, but the second half was good.


    I like that Zooks and Sean and Hayes went to school together. That is a nice little gem for when I do a trivia night at the local bar and I HOPE there is a series of questions about earwolf hosts who went to school together.


    I hope this is good enough content for Chris. He's being very demanding lately.

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  2. LTL,


    No worries. It took me a while to get the jokes as well. When Sean snickers or when Hayes laughs loudly, THOSE are the joke parts. I'll rewind and listen to them again so I can laugh with the boys. I recommend listening to the first Matt Gourley ep. They cover the basics of comedy there and it's a good gateway into the boys style. They establish that comedy is about being brave and the boys are VERY brave so therefore it's comedy.

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  3. Happy Birthday Sean.


    I was going to roast coffee beans and send them to you but someone said "if a weirdo fan sent me a food product I'd throw them in the trash." So I got you the next best thing, a picture of cold coffee.



    Thanks for the laughs.

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