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  1. I was about to post that, Silvr. I used offer code 'Hollywood' and saved 5 dollars off the stream. The boys play at 11am eST Sunday. Will Tim n Staz be there? Will they wave to me? I think they got booked because of the documentary crew back in Ep 36 Mikal Cronin, La Podfest is french for "The Podparty"
  2. Does that post reflect the opinion of Midroll Media LLC?
  3. Steve, you're pretty dang twisted today. What's going on in that head of yours!? Nm dont tell me I don't wanna know
  4. People are acting a little kooky in this thread. RE: ads It just seems this way. For the past few weeks, I've noticed many shows have been running 2 pre-roll (top of the show) and 2 mid-roll ads. Usually one of these ads has been internal. Plus they have the weekly internal post-roll ads (the sponts, the womps, the blacklist, this week's is Question of the Day). Ya, we're getting more ads, I'm happy when Scott does the 'least popular, no money' bit that I'm confident it isn't true. This ep in particular seemed ad heavy since they repeat the long Howl internal ad (kind of a bad move, but easy enough to skip), and the biggest reason-- the short / nonexistent Pre-Guest Segment. The Guest segment itself was very extended, so the timeline of the episode really front loaded the ads. RE: Bullseye Also.. obviously the Jesse Thorn Guest segment is being banked. They've done this lots before. The Andrew and Fans segments were like this, released weeks after their recording. Also from my Wiki-ing and having to go back to original popcorn gallery requests, it's not always the week before. EDIT: For example: In the Ep 30 Little Esther thread, PCGs were requested first for BJ Novak (would be Ep. 32) and then Dave Thomas (Ep. 31) What I'm trying to say is I'm the smartest and best fan and who needs some dumb old tattoo anyway.
  5. Great username Wheez, that reference passed through my brain during the ep too. What a time to be alive!
  6. Hi Jesse, any tips on how I could cultivate some affectations of my own? Podcast Pitch: get Aaron Rodgers's girlfriend an informational show and call It Faximum Munn
  7. Love it Andrew. I know just how difficult and daunting podcast fan devotion stunts can be
  8. Talk about Dad bods! Hubba hubba. That pic is like second or third person perspective in fiction.. easy on the eyes(I's)
  9. So after months, you all know: serve as man, yearn as kings. Saturdays all manner'f youths act kindly; Sunday arrives? Manners yet again kneel. Softly, a motion yanks attention, keening. Surviving among mobs, you affect kinship.
  10. Mike, thank you so much
  11. Seems like so many people these days love street corn. I mean they love it.. elote. Ho ho ho, just a little joke. Well anyway, I ran across this recipe at my favorite recipe site. That site is so great, because as its title suggests, the recipes generally don't send you all over town to the expensive groceries looking for fresh lingonberries or pearl onions or something. It's stuff you can get from a basic grocery store. I've only made a few things off of it that weren't great, and it has taught me a lot about cooking. I've seriously tried probably 50 recipes off there. My aunt and uncle were throwing sort of a couples shower for my big brother and his now fiancee and I always like to bring a dish, so I whipped up those 'chos. Here's a blurry pic of them: They were delicious!! When this recipe first dropped, the garlic was listed in the ingredients but not any of the steps, so I dropped a quick comment on there and got that all sorted out. I didn't make many modifications but I couldn't quickly find cotija cheese at the store I stopped at, so just subbed feta like she said, and it was still great. No one even noticed! I did manage to find legit crema though. Instead of chipotle powder I used some adobo sauce from the classic can, mixed with the crema. The best thing I learned from this recipe is that 'leaving the corn kernels frozen while carmellizing them' tip. Just a flawless, forgiving technique. It worked out so well. That platter they're on is new cause I didn't actually have a platter, though there have been a huge amount of times I could have used one. My entertainment game is now at a new level. I also made a baked brie but that's recipe is an old classic, I didn't snap a pic. It was good, as usual. Didn't get that new recipe attempt and payoff thrill. My big bro has a set of male friends he's really close with, and they were all cordoned off, and their WAGs were sitting in a segregated way at the party around a patio table. I greeted everyone, and uncovered my nachos and they all cooed and talked about how good they looked. It was a really great feeling! Everyone gobbled them too and told me how good they were. I'm not trying to brag, more just journaling my experience making some food to share with a pretty large amount of people. My mom and dad were loving them and my mom wants me to make them again for her soon. No prob, moms, they were pretty easy to whip up. The next time you're invited to a party, try making something rather than pick up a bag of chips if that's what you do! It can be very rewarding.
  12. http://haimslides.libsyn.com/episode-2-special-guest-hayes-davenport
  13. I think all of these videos and stills are deserving of a nice cold Probst Blue Ribbon
  14. Greetings Chartists eat your heart out StanSitwell agata ready your craigslist ad
  15. sheeshkabob you like VBC? 'round here that's what we call vegan blue cheese
  16. nohorseman

    Who is your HH dream guest?

    Chelsea Peretti
  17. nohorseman


    Me and a bunch of other reddit users bought the ad We wanted to grow our subreddit and support the 10 of us involved's favorite show that also had a not-that-expensive ad rate
  18. nohorseman

    Is the show actually in danger of being cancelled?

    I know how it feels to receive this from someone you admire, so know this when I tell ya, JRB: you're full of shit. I guess I don't know what you know or maybe you were doing a bit but.. Here's what I know, and I am a real nerd about this sort of stuff. I will start from the most official and 'factual' and get more speculative as the list descends: Here is a comment from Scott explicitly and publicly calming people about the possibility that HH might stop based on the administration. This is from an AMA in January in reply to reddit's Golden Boy Slayner, so this well predates the momentum the CBB appearance gave the boys. He had comments in July's (the month, not Diaz) AMA that he is personally happy to see HH get their due. There is one documented public instance of an advertiser being unhappy (Toilet Bowl Cleaners). Some people sort of vaguely speculate there might be another instance like this, but I don't really know the details. Midroll chooses two very joke-y ads to put as examples on their page about advertising on HH. If you don't feel like clicking through, it's recent and wacky Loot Crate and Privlo ads Adam Sachs's wife Molly is personally a big fan of Hollywood Handbook Now for some less-supported arguments and hearsay: I was a part of the top secret reddit cabal that purchased the ad on HH. During that time, Midroll ad executive Lex Friedman joined the Slack chat's private room. Unfortunately we don't have the archives since we use the busted free version of Slack, but he was very enthusiastic about involving us and I'm pretty sure stated that they love HH. I am also pretty sure Slayner asked him about people getting mad about ads to which he replied something to the effect of 'way less than you'd think.' Just including this to emphasize my second bullet point although you don't have to believe me Check out these comments from Jeff Ulrich on Something Awful, collected on reddit by your friend and mine: Zsinjeh. They're a very businesslike discussion of the thoughts on cancelling vs. not back in April 2014 a couple of weeks after Ep. #025 Scott & Jeff Our Business Associates. Jeff mentions he loves the show and doesn't want to cancel it then when things were much worse off than they are now We know that 20 weeks later from Jeff's comments (August 25, 2014), a 30-second ad on the show was $60 bucks from the Toilet Bowl Cleaners controversy. Less than a year later, the ad quote for 30 seconds has tripled (this number from ya boy, Earwolf advertiser). In a few more weeks when Slayner and I are caught up on the wiki, we could potentially track how many ads have been bought over time. Based on my impression, it's increased; I feel there are more 'legit' non-internal ads on HH nowadays than Who Charted (but don't really have the numbers on this). So I'm pretty confident that the show is fine as long as Hayes and Sean want to do it. And I'm also confident they quite enjoy it. This isn't to say we shouldn't feel very protective of the show and support it with offer codes, promotion online, potentially crowdfunding more ads; help support it and grow its profile so there isn't even a doubt in anyone's mind.
  19. Hard drive? Sounds like: (choose your own adventure*) For something very literal, scroll to the number 69 For a dated pop culture reference, scroll to 42 (the answer to the universe lol! also times it by 10 69: recreating traveling route 66 in today's America! 42: the porn parody to that 2011 Ryan Gosling movie *terrible first thought joke
  20. That post looks much better silverbells although with the link I pointed you in the direction of I was hoping you'd add some metadata
  21. Here you go silver surfer http://www.bbcode.org/examples/?id=10
  22. This episode is like Butch's girlfriend with the weird accent in Pulp Fiction saying the name of that Harmony Korine movie: Geimho
  23. Check out user AndyKnits over here
  24. Tron doe is your service gardening themed and named Trowel