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  1. LoosePeanuts

    Episode 518 - Corn Dog Horndog

    Clickbait title. I was expecting Hotdog to make an appearence. SAD!
  2. I was singing it this morning and fucking god damn here we are boys.
  3. This made my Friday.
  4. LoosePeanuts

    EPISODE 141 — Sand Holes

    Super difficult to get through these episodes when all you hear is the soft growl of clogged sinuses and mouth breathers.
  5. LoosePeanuts

    EPISODE 364 — The Marm of Smarm Returns

    Shout out to sound cloud for being a let down.
  6. http://imgur.com/1wIDUVT No Regrets
  7. I screamed at work when I saw this was posted. Bless this Wednesday.
  8. LoosePeanuts

    EPISODE 354 — Solo Bolo: Dos Lo

    I did one of those chocolate mints sucking in the air deals when I saw this was posted. I just genuinely did a deep suck in of air. What am I saying?