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  1. @Witty Llama: the workaround is you have to stop walking on land. Keep that in mind in case you run into this guy again. If he really loves you, eel be back. Also "Pinstripes Baby" is my unpublished memoir about being an infant banker (long story but the upshot is wall street, more like bawl street). @Anastasia Vigo: dem's adorable. What blue eyes Maudey baby has! (She's a Maudey baby.)
  2. jmoneyfresh

    Sean or Hayes?

    @dad: I'm something of an anglophile myself
  3. @Sillylillyquee: I know, but you got really nice coattails. Can't blame me, can you? Also, isn't my dino dog the cutest ever? *(Say yes.) Hopefully it'll cheer you up and you'll be drunk and glad - turn that frown upside down. But don't turn your whole head cuz that will still be a frown and the blood will rush to your brain.
  4. Since I already broke HH forum rules by mentioning other podcasts (in a positive light, even), I'm running roughshod over SteveH's "no moar pet picz" edict with this. Not the best pic but dino costume makes up for it (cuz dogs came from dinos, get it?).
  5. @SteveH: now you can afford some silver spoons for that kid o' yours whose already privileged by virtue of his HH appearance. Congrats on the job!
  6. @SteveH: this was a good plot summary but i'll still watch just to see if Lapkus says "that's gotta huwt" at any point. Sidenote: is "yummy" a catchphrase for one of her characters, or is it straight-up no-chaser Lapkus? As you have chilluns you seem like the sort of mentally with-it kinda guy who'd have this information.
  7. The quote button doesn't work at my jay-oh so i'll resort to: @SteveH: but I didn't get my pic in yet! I'm sorry I missed the hangout but I was too busy thinking of ways to join without admitting to my wife (yes, like that other show that I can't like anymore) that I was on a hangout about her least favorite podcast. Which actually took up a good chunk of time. I hope you all discussed science things including how to steal children and whether a stolen child would be a good guest when the next wild horse cancels and/or is occupied trying to drag someone away from someone else. my vote is yes, but not a stabby English waif cuz, well, you know. Neil Campbell was a wonderful guest - complemented the boys perfectly and added just a touch of his usual sophistication. When does the Wolfcool shop open?
  8. Glad to see you recovered from that stair-fall! It was, honestly, pretty scary. Almost too scary.
  9. Listen I don't mean to nitpick, but I'm fairly certain the phrase is "Oranges: the New Black." N'est-ce pas? Can't remember where I heard that...
  10. @Houston I'm also not familiar with the specified information. I think it'd be helpful if the gangz was compared to another gang I've heard of, either real or fictional, like MS13, the Barksdale crew from The Wire, or Mad Drama, one of the gangs in my hometown.
  11. jmoneyfresh

    Home Art

    Yo but actually check out Tiny Showcase, hopefully it's in your price range. Otherwise I say embrace minimalism and boo to your yokel friends who like their walls covered with stuff And no one has anything say about a Dune poster?!?! Tsk, tsk, Hollywood Handbookies. I thought nerds was cool now and not pumping gas or whatever...
  12. jmoneyfresh

    Home Art

    I would've totally recommended this if i knew he was a sci fi baby
  13. jmoneyfresh

    Home Art

    You live in a "crib" so I assume you're a baby, in which case you should do something that fits in with your baby vibe. So maybe a Klimt reproduction? Or Banksy if you consider yourself a streetwise, edgy baby? I could be more helpful if I knew what kind of baby you are. ... Or just buy the Dune poster on Etsy that my wife won't let me get.
  14. Happy People was supercool but I don't remember them being especially happy. I don't think they realized that they were in a frozen idyll with nothing but their dogs and personal values to sustain them. The permafrost is always greener, I guess. Maybe when it melts it will be a thing Game of Scones can appreciate. Hoop Dreams should be cool already cuz (1) them kids ain't got b-ball careers anymore, (2) the specific b-balls shown in the film are all gone, and/or (3) the popular outrage sparked by the film made the b-ball industry stop exploiting young urban black men. Or maybe just watch that Norwegian real-time show about logs or whatever?