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    Episode 186 - Geostorm: LIVE!

    I don't think I'd vote for a structured change like this, but I completely understand the sentiment of wanting Jessica involved on a permanent basis. She fits in perfectly. I'm for the laissez-faire approach and I imagine everyone involved in the show will have projects in the future that will give her more co-hosting opportunities if she is willing and able.
  2. ChunkStyle

    Episode 186 - Geostorm: LIVE!

    I get that they wanted this movie set in the very near future to get across the imminent threat of climate change, but the level of technological advancement and engineering achievement in that short of a time span is truly insane. Never mind the thousands of weather controlling satellites. Just building the massive net that holds them all would be a project spanning multiple generations. They also unlocked the secret of gravity in that time frame to have artificial gravity on the space station. I'd argue that is even more impressive than controlling the weather, but since it was done just so they didn't have to film so many people floating it didn't get much of a mention.
  3. ChunkStyle

    Episode 185 - Adore

    Curse Netflix for not being able to watch this movie at 1.5x speed. I thought the biggest plot hole of the movie was Tom's 21st birthday party. It was absolutely packed with young hot people that I assume were not bused in from another town. So Tom and Ian didn't grow up in isolation with Lil and Roz being the only women they ever saw. The two young surf gods never attracted any interest in high school? Presumably going out on a couple of dates their senior year would have prevented everything that happened.
  4. ChunkStyle

    Episode 184 - Johnny Mnemonic: LIVE!

    I think the Lo Teks could have benefited from some self examination. For all their anti-technology messaging it seems like the only thing they didn't use was firearms. Compared to everything else in 2021 guns are a pretty primitive technology and if they are OK with having a cybernetic dolphin, microwave emitters, world wide broadcast equipment, etc. then I think you can swap your crossbow for an uzi when it is time to fight the Yakuza and keep a clean conscience.
  5. ChunkStyle

    Episode 184 - Johnny Mnemonic: LIVE!

    The behind the scenes info I want to know about is Spider's Black Flag tattoo on the back of his neck. Did Rollins make an impassioned plea that his character Spider is definitely the kind of guy who would be so into a hardcore punk band from 35 years prior that he'd have the tattoo? Or did the director just not notice? The real heroes of the movie are the guys that hire Johnny and get slaughtered in the hotel room, right? It seems like they are doing something nefarious for money but the buyer of the data at the other end is a group of poor doctors working at a mercy hospital in Newark. The doctors can't have had much money so those guys knew they were risking their lives to cure NAS. I was very relieved when Paul said that Gibson didn't take credit for this movie. Seeing that he wrote the screenplay was shocking to me. I haven't read that many of his novels but they're way better than this. He generally drops you straight into the deep end and you can't really figure out what is going on until about 1/3 of the way through the novel. Then when you get it it is super satisfying. I don't know where the statement about him not using the internet comes from. He is one of my favorite twitter follows. @GreatDismal
  6. ChunkStyle

    Episode 181.5 - Minisode 181.5

    Any one of Dan Boeckner's bands, Spoon, STRFKR, Car Seat Headrest (although he's still very young so that could change at some point)
  7. ChunkStyle

    Episode 181 - Freejack: LIVE!

    It seems to be implied that it has to be a death that was captured on film for them to be able to get everything lined up just right for it to work. So the roster of available bodies is going to be pretty small. That got me thinking that surely there would be competition to grab the same body. Pulling it into the future a nanosecond faster than the last time. Then we're back to some classic time travel paradoxes. Maybe that was Freejack's problem it was a time travel movie that was too straightforward.
  8. ChunkStyle

    Episode 181 - Freejack: LIVE!

    I am trying to think about it in a "perfect world" scenario where there is no chance that anything could go wrong. Who has the right to that body in the future? You have Person A pulled from the past where they absolutely would have died without the intervention of Person B from the future who wants the body. You are the technician you can either wake up Person A (leaving Person B to die in the Switchboard) or you can do the transfer and put Person B in the body killing the consciousness of Person A. Maybe it is because doing the transfer is proactive but that one feels more like murder to me. Even so I don't know that it is the wrong choice. Surprisingly deep moral quandary from Freejack. Probably better handled on The Big Ones podcast than a message board.
  9. ChunkStyle

    Episode 181 - Freejack: LIVE!

    The one bit of weirdness that really stuck out to me was that after Furlong gets the inspirational(?) speech about the eagle he stands up to leave and there is a pair of dangling feet up above him. So while the Oscar worthy monologue was happening there was an extra just sitting up there presumably having no reaction to it whatsoever. Also I may not remember this right but I think right after Furlong gets fired up by the eagle speech his next action is to go hang out in a homeless enclave and do nothing at all. Julie happens to show up there to keep the plot moving but logically I don't think there was any reason for him to know she'd come there.
  10. ChunkStyle

    Episode 181 - Freejack: LIVE!

    What is everyone's ethical take on the idea of body jacking if there was never a chance for a Furlong situation where they wake up on the table? And there is never malfeasance of taking a body anytime except right before the instance of death. Ignoring the rich get richer aspect of it (say everyone on Earth gets one body jack to make it even) I feel like it is OK. It is weird because my gut reaction is that it feels wrong but I don't think there is a victim.
  11. ChunkStyle

    Episode 179.5 - Minisode 179.5

    You might be a one man C&O this week. edit: sorry I am a big dummy that doesn't know how to insert a gif double edit: I am smart now thanks to Cam. But my gif text doesn't match my statement so dumb again.
  12. ChunkStyle

    Episode 179 - Second Sight: LIVE!

    In a battle between the last two HDTGM heroes, Superman and Bobby McGee, who wins the contest of on the spot made up powers to serve the plot? It is close but I think Bobby McGee takes it. Having a boring character next to him to name and narrate his actions puts Bobby over the top I think.
  13. ChunkStyle

    Episode 179 - Second Sight: LIVE!

    I 100% agree with Jason that they were going for Ghostbusters with this. This is how I had it mapped: Venkman = Wills Egon = Preston Ray + Ghosts = Bobby Winston = Uncast (but don't worry Bobby will be doing some racist channeling) What the hell was going on with that scene? Bobby was just assuming his personality? Or was the kidnapper experiencing the situation? Was he back in the hideout pretending to drive a car while that was happening? Anyway I thought the Larroquette stunt double was more well done than anything else in this movie. I'll add my name to the many that were put to sleep by this thing.
  14. The setting for this movie is a world where the nuclear superpowers cannot agree on disarmament and it has gone the opposite direction into a full blown arms race. But when Superman announces to the UN that he is going to disarm the world he is met with 100% approval. So what was the issue? I thought the missile launches were not attacks they were the countries working with Superman lobbing them into space for him to collect. It struck me as a very bad idea. What if some huge natural disaster occurred at the same moment Superman was supposed to be snagging a missile. I'd say just pick them up off the ground at your leisure.
  15. Ha. I have definitely lost my fastball as a Star Wars fan I had no idea. Now the hairstyle makes sense.
  16. I got distracted watching TLJ thinking that Starship 1 lost out on being this character: http://www.imdb.com/...fv1=still_frame I was sure of it. So to find out it was Rose was a true shock to this fan. Edit: And now I see that character was already in Force Awakens so that was never on the table.
  17. ChunkStyle

    Episode 177.5 - Minisode 177.5

    Briefly getting to meet Paul and Jason was great. The next morning I woke up very ill but I am not connecting any dots.
  18. ChunkStyle

    Episode 366 - New Charted

    Congrats for 7 years! I love a lot of Earwolf podcasts but Who Charted holds a special spot. It is like comfort food. Hilarious comfort food.
  19. ChunkStyle

    Episode 175.5 - Minisode 175.5

    Nathan Fielder absolutely should be given a MacArthur Genius Grant. And I'll probably put him in my will. He's earned it.
  20. ChunkStyle

    Episode 175 - Ultraviolet: LIVE!

    There is nothing I can add that can shed any light on this movie. But I do want to call attention to some of the people within the movie. During the scene of the helicopters chasing Violet on her motorcycle a helicopter is hovering in one spot for a long time firing thousands of rounds of ammo out of a Gatling gun. Violet then jumps her bike through the chopper and crashes into the office building on the other side of the street. Everyone in that office is going about their normal day working quietly at their desks. I think she lands next to a guy making copies. I just want to applaud the dedication of those office workers. I think a helicopter gunship unloading into the building across the street would get me off task. I do think Ultraviolet could hold a place in movie history for "Least Impactful Reveal". The revelation that Daxus was the lab tech that pricked his finger and started the spread of the virus. I don't think I've ever cared less about anything.
  21. ChunkStyle

    Episode 362 - Halt and I'll Type You

    This was such a hilarious episode. I could have listened to 2 more hours of Jessica with Howard and Kulap.
  22. ChunkStyle

    Episode 174.5 - Minisode 174.5

    Here are a couple that work on me. John Dufhilo - What are you waiting for? https://open.spotify...h7gyzliMwxzCrqq Billy Brag and Wilco - Feed of Man https://open.spotify...i03Hgq2KT2yaFJd Edit- Sorry had to add one more. Maybe my song of the decade. Operators - True
  23. ChunkStyle

    Episode 174 - Jason X: LIVE!

    Yes! The space marines being so stupid to fire their weapons inside the ship had me wondering what their purpose was in the first place. They wouldn't be needed on old Earth it is a dead planet what is going to attack the students there? And obviously there is no such thing as space piracy because if there was the marines would be prepared to deal with an intruder in a way that wouldn't cause catastrophic hull damage.
  24. ChunkStyle

    Episode 174 - Jason X: LIVE!

    Jason X became a personal horror movie for me because when Lexa Doig appeared on screen I thought she looked familiar. I checked IMDB and saw Andromeda. I had completely forgotten about the existence of that show and I'd say I watched at least half the episodes. Normally something like that would jog my memory and I'd remember bits and pieces. This time there was nothing. I can't recall and single character name or story line or anything at all about it. So watching Jason X was an undeniable marker of my cognitive decline.
  25. ChunkStyle

    Episode 174 - Jason X: LIVE!

    Great episode but my biggest question from the movie was left unanswered. How much are those college kids paying in tuition? We know from the professor's video call that these missions are usually not profitable so this isn't a self sustaining operation. They are using a massive spaceship that had to be worth billions. I'm sure paying for gas to get to Earth Prime and back isn't cheap. They have a platoon of space marines as their security detail. The whole operation has got to cost a fortune and you know Space University isn't going to absorb those costs. Also what was the name of the class they were taking?