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    Why did they change the theme song?

    I like the new song. It reminds me of the openings of Rock/Chappelle/Hannibal comedy specials. Just imagine them walking around backstage with a towel on their shoulder on their way to the mic, fistbumping friends, pointing to people off-screen, grabbing a bottle of water from an intern. It really makes each episode feel like an event. http://www.cc.com/video-clips/a7apf4/chappelle-s-show-two-minute-special---uncensored
  2. GabrielMieli

    EPISODE 374 — Tick Tock Clawk

    when Scott decided he should remind Paul how New No Nos were structured, I almost passed out laughing. edit: and during WYR when Paul said something like "in this scenario" and Scott yelled "how come you're all talking like each other?!" The whole episode is just full of gut-punchingly hilarious moments.
  3. GabrielMieli


    I wish to try out all our favorite wrestling moves on each other in a full sized ring with regulation turnbuckles. Then once it was nighttime we would lay out sleeping bags in the ring and look at the stars and talk about our signature pussy eating techniques and release that as the pilot episode of Talkin' 'Tang
  4. GabrielMieli


    So I'm sure you have a problem with all the 9/11 and pedophilia jokes as well as all the sexist and racist humor that happens all the time, as well. No? Oh, you're just upset because these jokes were offensive to you personally? I guess that explains it, then. You're just salty as fuck. Don't pretend that your refusal to fully engage with the context of the show and its sense of humor is anything but the most pedestrian anti-intellectualism posturing as moral superiority. You're a retarded fuckwit and also your writing is garbage trash for babies. You really should have had a friend edit this for you.