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  1. Love this movie. I don't even want to post any snarky comments about it, because I just rewatched it and damn, that final scene where Paul Walker drives up to Vin Diesel is still so touching.


    So instead, I'll just ask a question: what does the nickname 'No-Knees' Denise even mean? I honestly feel like this is the screenwriter's single moment of intentional ambiguity - this is the central mystery of the film that's up to the viewer to decide for themselves.


    Also, if none of the central cast can lose a fight, does that mean that a fight between Ludacris and the Rock would result in a tie?


    Finally, if any of these characters needs a spinoff, it's Kurt Russell. Jared Leto already took the Mr. Nobody movie title, but Fast and Furious: Mr. Nobody would be acceptable.

  2. I didn't actually watch this one, but just from listening to the episode, this movie seems to have a lot of elements lifted from Blade Runner. Whoopi Goldberg works for the police force of a futuristic metropolis where humans struggle to coexist with another sentient species - in Blade Runner, that species is replicants, and in Theodore Rex, it's fucking dinosaurs. Again, I haven't seen this movie, but at one point in the podcast it sounded like June was describing the plot as the dinosaurs going after their creator - which is Rutger Hauer's storyline in Blade Runner. There's also a toy maker, which is similar to the William Sanderson character from Blade Runner - his apartment is full of strange dolls and animatronic toys. Finally, Whoopi Goldberg turns out to be a robot at the end of Theodore Rex... like Harrison Ford turning out to be a replicant in Blade Runner. The crazy thing though is that this replicant reveal is so on-theme compared to Whoopi being a robot - if they really wanted to rip off Blade Runner, she'd find out that she had been a dinosaur herself the whole time.


    Also, if you haven't seen the TV Movie of Alice in Wonderland where Whoopi plays the Cheshire Cat... do a quick google image search for 'whoopi goldberg cheshire cat'. You won't be disappointed.