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    EPISODE 146 — Moon Festival Pt. 2

    Sorry to hear about your loss Steve. It is tough. My brain always goes to a default of "they had a gig" when one if ya'll is absent from a session. It's hard to remember that you guys also have lives, and face the same kind of day to day dramas we all face. I'll keep you in my thoughts... and you should know that your laugh, or when you do the Johnny Cash voice singing, brightens my day every time. Which is why want to thank you (the collective you; Brian, Blaine, Ken, Dan and all the way back to Sara, Sark, Gerry, special guests, etc) for what you do. While on the surface, to most people, it looks like sarcastic, profane, vulgar excess wrapped around a game for pimply 15 year olds, it's actually a great release for all sorts of different people grinding away at their day to day. I still look forward to every week, and it amazes me that when I get up in the wee hours (5:30 est) there is a new episode waiting every Wed. So you gotta know you are helping people with get by Nerd Poker, adding some magic to their day.
  2. interstitial Abs

    EPISODE 146 — Moon Festival Pt. 2

    Yet another long term listener who registered just to reaffirm that Dan was a kick ass DM, and between him and Brendon "Septopus!" Smalls, you made a grown man bust out cackling like a demented Drow on public transit. I was having a shitty couple of weeks (like people I care about dying kind of shitty week) and it was EXACTLY the kind of dark but silly sort of crazy I needed for my ride home. Thanks I want to recognize all the good shit Blaine has done as well (who else can describe a Giant's dissected penis in such great gory Glory?). He stepped up when other podcasts may have shut down. Thanks Blaine! But Dan hit a home run here and it would suck for it to just be a one off random occurrence. No matter what happens I want to thank all who participate for bringing some (sick and twisted) joy into our lives. Please keep it going. Please find a way to let Dan help steer the narrative, or straight up DM. Thx!