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  1. Huge fucking yes and a cop dying with a few days left before retirement is a thing, they even do it in Last Action Hero.

    It was ridiculous that Amy protested this. Felt like trolling.

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  2. Firstly, please give me the contact details of Earwolf's lawyers, as I may need to sue for involuntary head injuries caused during the argument about the fucking aspirin bottles.

    This! I was literally stomping my feet!

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  3. Wow, I really felt for Devin. To my ears, Amy had decided to not like this movie because it was 90's style without substance, and she dug her heels in to the point that she was disingenuous about her understanding of the movie (or maybe simply did not understand it). It felt like she was trolling Devin for a reaction.


    Case in point, her (deliberate?) misunderstanding of John Doe's apartment. I was amazed that Devin didn't bang his head in the wall and run screaming at that point. That apartment was designed to BE meaningless, to be a conundrum for people to figure out. And Amy was complaining that it made no sense!



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  4. I vote Superman, because it is definitely the best Superman movie of all and gets the character 100% right. Yes, it does have problems with tone once we get to Luthor, but that first hour is just amazing. And I don't even mind the Earth-spinning. It would be troubling if there were any particularly great sequels to follow, but since all of them were more or less worse, you can pretty much look at this as a standalone film that wraps everything up nicely. And man, does this film work. The score still gives me a sense of wonder you rarely get anymore.

    There were several better Batman movies, I think Batman Returns is a much better film set in the same world, and the first two Nolan films do a great job. I do admire Jack Nicholson as the Joker, but he never commits to the character enough for my taste. I see Nicholson in make-up, not the Joker. I might be spoiled by Ledger though.

    So overall, team Superman on this one.

    I was going to write a post, but this sums it up.


    Neither is a good movie, but as stupid as the earth-spinning is, "Superman The Movie" has heart thanks to Reeve. Marginal win over this "Batman" for me.

  5. New listener to the show, only worked my way through some of the biggest movies so far (I could not BELIEVE the treatment of Forrest Gump!).

    This was the first episode I listened to in "real time", that is the week it aired, and thus voted on. One scene does not Canon make, IMO, and the "is it safe?" scene, while great, is the only thing this movie is (and should be) remembered for. So I voted no just now... bringing it to 33 no vs 34 yes!


    Great podcast. Looking forward to going through both the backlog and the new episodes!