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  1. MikeCalhoun

    Episode 94 — Dip Didda Dip Dow!

    Bring in the girls....
  2. MikeCalhoun

    Episode BO2010 — The Best of 2010

    Pour one out for the dearest, departed Lil' Gary. I shed a tear for thee, littlest of Garys. I'm glad Comedy Def Guy was able to have such a heartfelt tribute performed on the podcast.
  3. MikeCalhoun

    Episode 85 — That's One Way of Doing It

    I think this is the moment that Cake Boss started repeating "Cake Boss" after each time it was spoken. What an honor to witness it. lol
  4. MikeCalhoun

    Episode 69 — I Am Not Food

    The lack of comments on an episode that also happens to be a Lil' Gary episode makes this extra funny.
  5. MikeCalhoun

    Episode 66 — Where Do Babies Come From?

    Thought I was listening to U Talkin' U2 to Me?: "This is good rock and roll, uhh, music." for a second during this episode.
  6. MikeCalhoun

    Episode 54 — The Wacky Ding Dongs

    I have always had mixed feelings about Marc Maron, but I genuinely don't understand his podcast popularity. Even his voice is a downer, seems like the polar opposite of the rest of Earwolf.