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  1. Oh Jeff Richards! I know...that poor tall drink of water was heaven to look at but they didn't hire him to dance. There's a "making of" doc on the dvd that is facinating.

    Another big part of my childhood..crushing on all those brothers!


    Thanks for the recommendation of Om Shanti Om. That sounds like something I'll love & my man might want to kill me for making him watch!


    Okay, so I just watched Goin' Courtin' on YouTube. I must have been focused on Tommy Rall because how the hell did I not realize how hot Orange Shirt is. I like how his main contribution to that dance is getting better dancers thrown at him.


    Fuck. I wish I had watched it when I was younger and didn't understand the term Stockholm Syndrome.


    I'm not sure how to convince your dude to watch Om Shanti Om other than to say that it's a lot more murder filled than I thought it was going to be.

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  2. Oh yeah I've seen Thumbelina and I HATED IT


    I also hated The Swan Princess


    Ferngully is much better than both of those combined


    I had to go through the Disney/Bluth canon in college because my roommate had never seen them (something about Jesus disapproving of movies with magic in them.) We just kind of sat there in shock because of the awfulness. And it has a Mamma Mia earworm thing going for it cause my friends definitely caught me watching Let Me Be Your Wings on YouTube the next day. That whole thing ended with us arguing over whether or not Hunchback of Notre Dame was brilliant or not.


    The Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson guys did a version of Love's Labour's Lost for Shakespeare in the Park. It's got some nice songs and stars Tommy Merlyn from Arrow.


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  3. Ha ha, looking forward to subjecting you all to Kenneth Branagh's inexplicable Love's Labour's Lost! That came out when I was writing my undergrad thesis on Branagh, and even to a Branagh-phile like I was back then, this was befuddling. And sing-y.

    Do Matthew Lillard and Alicia Silverstone sing in it? I may have blocked that out.


    On the subject of animated musicals:

    I hate to do this to you guys but given the fact that we're in the forums of a bad movie podcast...

    (deep exhale)

    Don Bluth made a Little Mermaid ripoff that starred Charo, Gilbert Gottfried and Carol Channing with a score by Barry Manilow.

    It's called Thumbelina.

    It is miraculously terrible.

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  4. I completely missed this thread and posted it in the Grease 2 one because I am dumb but I'm going to repeat it here:

    Om Shanti Om is AMAZING.

    It's just this weird and joyful movie that has insane things happen in it. I wish it had been my first Bollywood movie because it's all about the industry. I learned so much just from trying to figure out who all the cameos are. There's literally just a giant musical number where Indian movie stars show up to sing and party. I have no idea who most of them are but I get unreasonably excited about that song.


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    You gotta find Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! The songs Sobbin' Women & Bless Your Beautiful Hide are ripe for discussion!


    And when you watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, please keep an eye on the guy in the orange shirt. He is neither a dancer nor singer. He just sort of hangs out while everyone does extravagant musical numbers. It's the best.

    Also young Tommy Rall is gorgeous.


    If you're looking for a non-American musical, Om Shanti Om is a really good start. It's literally a Bollywood movie about Bollywood movies.

    Fair warning though, it's almost 3 hours long and 7 minutes of that is a re-enactment of all the stuff that's happened in the movie so far (in song).

  6. All I remember from NORTH & SOUTH was one scene where Kirsty Alley was supposed to be horny and she communicated that by lifting up her hoop skirts and rubbing her butt against a tree.

    I don't remember that exact moment but it wouldn't surprise me. North & South is filled with stuff like that.

    See also: Patrick Swayze blowing a giant snot clump at the camera while he's on a crying jag. Or literally any second that the main bad guy is on screen. He goes full ham and it's amazing. Sometimes my dad and I scream his lines at each other.



    I feel like I HAVE to see that [just that scene].


    I can't even begin to explain how nuts the whole series is. I'll sum it up like this...(SPOILERS sort of)

    North & South is a TV show where a Southern accented David Carradine gets a sword to the face in the middle of his house and is also the last time Jimmy Stewart acted on film.

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  7. Molly...I will wrestle anybody on this board for that soundtrack if you find it! Lol. Happy Hunting.

    It's $5 on Amazon.


    Be warned, Let's Do It For Our Country only has the dude on it because the actress was sick when they were recording the soundtrack.

    Oh my god, I know so much about Grease 2...

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  8. A little off topic but...if HDTGM ever does a tv show, it should 100% be North and South.

    North and South is fucking insane. It's a Civil War soap opera starring baby Patrick Swayze with all these super famous people randomly showing up. Elizabeth Taylor runs a whorehouse. Robert Mitchum is someone's Irish dad. Johnny Cash plays John Brown. It's a genuinely weird thing.

    Book III is bullshit though.

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  9. Because I had almost the exact same experience with Grease 2 as June (but with laserdiscs), I've been waiting/dreading this movie coming up on the podcast. This movie (along with Face/Off and That Thing You Do) is basically my childhood. I love it so much that I actually bought the physical soundtrack of all these terrible songs. So, to reiterate, was very frightened to press play.

    This might be my favorite episode now. June is the absolute best. Her singing along every time a song was mentioned is maybe my favorite thing to happen on this show. Also Jason's freakout when he realizes who Dolores is was amazing.


    Two things:

    There was a live stage version on the West End. My best friend went for her birthday and messaged me from the intermission practically crying because she was so happy. She was like, "THERE WAS A LADDER WHEN THEY DID COOL RIDER. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!"


    I don't know if this is true but I was watching Reproduction on youtube a couple years ago and there was a comment underneath from a girl who claimed her parents met on this movie. Apparently when they really pissed her off, she played Reproduction at full volume. I've been looking but I can't find the comment now.

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  10. Please give us all of the stories about both of these movies immediately!

    I've been wracking my brain trying to think of stories from the set. This was filmed in Thailand, as were most of the movies my mom worked on (Except for Brokedown Palace, the only one to take place in Thailand.) It had a lot of the same crew and locations, so all of these memories kind of run together in my head. Most of the stories I thought happened on the Phantom turned out to have been on other movies. My mom said pretty much the same thing when I asked her. This is what I remember.


    1. Billy Zane had to be bald to wear the suit and it freaked me the fuck out. I had read the script back to front multiple times and kept asking people what he was going to do during the scenes where he was Kit Walker. I got a lot of "He's probably going to wear a wig, what's wrong with you?"


    2. The little Phantom in the beginning was my friend Austin. His dad was the production designer on both this and Operation Dumbo Drop. My mom cast him. I remember being half proud of my buddy and half pissed that my mom didn't cast me as anything. I thought he was supposed to be little Billy Zane as well.


    3. I was obsessed with Diana and Sala. Manneq-ahem-Kristy Swanson was lovely. She hugged me told me I looked like Princess Jasmine. Never got to meet CZJ.


    Sorry. I guess all the weird shit happened on Operation Dumbo Drop.


    I'm not sure if your mother would be interested, but it sounds like she might be a fun candidate for Matt Gourley's I Was There Too podcast.

    I love I Was There Too, but I think that's mostly for actors no? My Mom was a casting director. Besides, I think most of the stories where she could really let loose are thoroughly libelous. :)

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  11. I've been waiting for the day that this podcast would do a movie my mom worked on and it's finally here!!!

    I told her as much and showed her the ep. on my phone. She scrolled down to see what else they had done, handed the phone back to me and just said, "I worked on The Quest".

    Anyway, the super biased seven year old me thought this was the best movie ever (partly because I was on set for a lot of it and partly cause of that scene where the dog and the horse talk to each other.)

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