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  1. According to the IMDB trivia page. "In the scene where Mel Gibson waxes his legs in the bathroom, he actually did wax his legs, and it didn't hurt nearly as much as it hurt him in the movie. He kept taunting all the women on-set, saying,"Come on, this doesn't hurt at all!"

  2. It's Ferris Bueller meets I Dream of Genie but every character is a straight up creep.

    What other film can boast a car chase, a nuclear missile, a mutant ball monster, Robert Downey Jr. in shorts, and jive talkin' Anthony Micheal Hall. That's right, only Weird Science. This film seems as

    though it was both written and directed by a twelve year old from the 80s... oh and there's some

    computers and shit too.



    Here's the clip(sorry if the link doesn't work I'm new here, you can always copy/paste though).