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  1. Love to see Fables fans on here. I'm still working on song lists, but it's my #1 album.


    1.       Fables of the Reconstruction

    2.       Lifes Rich Pageant

    3.       Murmur

    4.       Automatic for the People

    5.       Reckoning

    6.       Green

    7.       Accelerate

    8.       Document

    9.       Out of Time

    10.   New Adventures in HiFi

    11.   Monster

    12.   Collapse Into Now

    13.   Up

    14.   Reveal

    15.   Around the Sun

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  2. Hey Matt -- the show is excellent. Many kudos to you. May I suggest a person to contact? His name is Kent Faulcon (@kentfaulcon and https://www.facebook.com/kent.faulcon) and I haven’t spoken to him since high school but I’ve always followed his career. He’s a writer, director and actor on a Tyler Perry show called “For Better or Worse.”


    Anyway, the reason I suggest him is that his first big role came in the ‘90s in “Men in Black.” He’s the only one in this test scene besides Will Smith or Rip Torn to have a speaking line.



    I could reach out, but you’d probably have as much luck on your own. Let me know if you’d like me to try.