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  1. I have a theory as to why the mom just bummed around the house while the son (sorry June) was the one who did all the work hunting for virginal life energy, and why they didn't just grab a random kid and just forcibly suck their soul out. My hypothesis is that the sleepwalkers can't just grab random virgins and eat their souls, but they have to seduce their prey until the virgin is willing to surrender their virginity to them, at which time they can be fed upon by the seducing sleepwalker. The ritualistic nature of the whole thing would explain why the victims have a rose placed in their hair, why only the son feeds, and why the mom has to wait for him to return home with life energy, as it would be easier for him, as the younger-looking sleepwalker, to seduce and therefore feed off of virginal victims. Remember, it is only after the son makes out with the girl that he starts to become aggressive and monstrous. The reason why he was reluctant for Tanya to spend time with the mom was because he knew his mom would be jealous and creepy, possibly ruining the date and his ability to complete the seduction ritual and feed off of Tanya. The sexual nature of the process would also explain why the son was apparently able to give his mother life force energy while in the bedroom.


    Otherwise, mama sleepwalker would have just eaten Tanya's soul while at Tanya's house, driven home, healed her son, and end of movie.

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  2. So in the podcast Paul discussed how only Xander Cage's face survived after he was apparently killed in the sequel film, and Jason discussed the possibility that in "XXX: The Return of Xander Cage," Xander's face was being worn by one of his killers. How amazing would it be if that were true, that Xander's face was being worn in this movie by a terrorist in need of redemption, and that the Triple X series and the film "Face/Off" were part of the same cinematic universe? The next movie could have the XXX team facing off against Nicolas Cage and/or John Travolta! Xander Cage versus Nicolas Cage!


    If that's not awesome enough, let's take it up another level. We already know that God's Eye from Fast and Furious 8 was a computer program created by Ramsay to take control of various satellites and computer programs. Is it too hard to believe that Ramsay also created Pandora's Box too, which also takes control of satellites, if only to crash them? After all, we never learn the identity of the person who created Pandora's Box. We are sitting on a "How Did This Get Made" trifecta, bringing together XXX, Fast and Furious, and Face/Off. How CAN This Get Made?

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  3. How was Michael Ironside able to walk into the Shield Corporation's board meeting unannounced? The place is crawling with so many guards you had to either sneak in or get shot hundreds of times. I doubt Michael Ironside snuck in, so it is weird that nobody would either stop him or alert the board that an immortal maniac was coming for them.


    Also, why did he want to partner up with the Shield Corporation? He was a general, so wouldn't he want an army or police service under his control? Sure, Shield is an important company with an armed security team, but what was the plan there?

  4. I'll say that there were a few times during the movie where I was like, "Man, he's way more attractive than any of the T-Bird dudes." Like, was Adrian Zmed supposed to be the hot guy of the T-Birds? He was a little shrimpy dude and kind of looked like less pasty Jay Baruchel to me, so it kind of threw me off that he was the leader. They went from Danny Zuko to this fucking asshole? Jason's right; they should all kill themselves.


    Yes! I laughed out loud when Adrian Zmed grabbed and threw Christopher McDonald up against a wall to intimidate him. Christopher McDonald looks like he has a foot of height on Adrian Zmed and at least twenty pounds. It looked like Christopher McDonald was getting dominated by a very petulant pre-teen.


    Also, did anyone think it was weird that the T-Birds didn't drive cars? Wouldn't that be like a gang called the Harley Hogs zipping around on skateboards?

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  5. 1. Was Michael Carrington living in a shed? In one scene he's at a desk writing one of the T-Bird's essays, but the desk appears to be part of a living space, complete with shelves and cot, inside a tiny metal shelter.


    2. I guess I don't know much about early 1960s mother-daughter relationships or fashion, but when the Pink Ladies are chasing after the T-Birds, who are themselves chasing after the Cool Rider, doesn't one of the Pink Ladies yell out that she's wearing her mother's underwear? If so, is that a thing?


    3. Did anybody else notice that Rydell High is seemingly completely white? I get that it's 1961, but that's messed up to have a movie made in 1982 take place in a racially segregated school in 1961 and NEVER TALK ABOUT IT.


    4. The Cool Rider flies over a cop car.

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  6. Was it me,or did Rydell High only have white students? I know this movie took place in 1961, but that's still messed up.


    Also, was Michael Carrington living in a shed or bomb shelter? When he's working on one of the T-Bird's essays he's in a metal tube with a cot, shelves and a desk.

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  7. Gerard Butler's basis for being in prison in the first place makes no sense. He was arrested and convicted for murder, but in order to bring charges, let alone a conviction beyond a reasonable doubt, there would have been an investigation and evidence presented as to how and why Gerard killed the other man in the interrogation room. How would a DA explain away the circumstances surrounding Gerard having a gun in an interrogation room where his colleague just happens to show up and sit down, then talk to him and very obviously reluctantly shoot him? Wouldn't anybody have asked for the audio, and wouldn't the investigation exposed the fact that Gerard was a lab rat in a top-secret body control experiment?


    Also, why would Dexter and/or the government rat Gerard out and send him to prison to die? Gerard appears to be one of the first people fitted with the body control devices and shot the other guy as part of the experiment process, so why would Dexter and/or government risk exposure by then having Gerard arrested for murder? They clearly had a controllable soldier and a product that worked, so wouldn't it make more sense to keep Gerard close and allied with Dexter and/or the government, or at least keep using him in tests?

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  8. Let's talk about the gun phone. I am confident that the explanation for it is "Oxycontin," but it made no sense in the movie.


    Thomas Jane could read Damien Lewis' mind when Mr. Gray possessed Damien Lewis and was riding on the snowmobile, but then later Thomas Jane had to use a prop - John Wayne's gun, no less - to mentally create a telephone and telephone number for Damien Lewis to mentally call. But Damien Lewis was already cornered by Mr. Gray by the time Mr. Gray was on the snowmobile, so it makes no sense that they'd have to use a prop later. The various protagonists never had to use props or visualize props to mentally communicate with each other, so Thomas Jane's use of a gun to somehow talk to another one of the Dreamcatcher crew seemed wildly out of place in light of the rules for telepathy already set up in the movie.


    Oxycontin for the win, I guess.

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