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  1. Epic line-up delivers, wow, in awe of these people..
  2. Trurl

    Episode 355 - Always Be Filming

    Loved it, the flaying of Mother was a thing of beauty, could have gone on for 10 more minutes. And Good Time is definitely making my meager watch-list for 2017 (along The Disaster Artist and Death Wish). Only slight disappointment was the lack of room tones, and therefore no ducks.
  3. Trurl

    Episode 354 - LIVE at Now Hear This

    It doesn't bother me, but I feel like Country has little overlap with WC? listeners, and surely a main point of the podcast is to clue you in to a range of new stuff.
  4. Trurl

    Episode 354 - LIVE at Now Hear This

    Indeed, came out of nowhere and never disappoints. If you wanna hear a departure from the lummox he's known to play, his Mr. Write ep is definitely worth a play. Only quibble, as always, is the lazy music chart, his reaction says it all. Might as well have been an elevator song split into 5 parts.
  5. Trurl

    Episode 307 - Saffron Surprise

    Sick ep, this is my favorite medium for both Schwartz and Huskey. That's one hell of a breakdown in the OP, I'm assuming it's being charted for some unforeseen media feature.
  6. No need to pretend, his voice is automatically synonymous with the Hard bro at this point. I must admit I zoned on the words a few times, just the piano is a little too consistently good to pay attention to the rest.
  7. Trurl

    Episode 353 - I'm Above Jamming

    Think Who Charted should get the Facebook Group treatment that Off Book got, what with that place being more active and the barnstorming H Michael Q. Love that Mantz put pressure to cater the chart to each guest, they ignored our Down with Sheeran rallies, but by God, it got out there in the end. That said, good ep.
  8. Say it ain't so! But really, why would anyone care?
  9. Died at Pete's "Is this what it's like to watch monkeys learn sign language?" after Mike stuttering.
  10. Winner. Not so much to cover on I4H, but to marvel at, and shudder.
  11. Trurl

    Episode 352 - Where's Your Coccyx, Bro?

    Don't believe it, my question landed! Thanks so much, very satisfied with the answers and couldn't agree more with the South Park BL&U getting top spot. There is actually an epic .2nd favourite part was Jess' Marvel bully analogy, couldn't have put it better in song or dance.
  12. Had to pause for the sake of my lungs at the double-barreled jizz soaker and the 'Blood of Christ' performing penguin. Awesome ep!
  13. Trurl

    Episode 351 - Five Aside

    I don't mind him, but I'll never not be immune to any charm Justin Bieber will try to put forth, just hasn't evolved a whit since first breaking out. Dunkirk may be short, but I'm sure Howard would rightfully see it as a summah bummah, just a movie about nothing. As for the guest, another actor I didn't know I liked, great craic, though I disagree with his claim of sport neutrality, you always pick a side, whether it's conscious or not. In that case, anyone but Manchester City.
  14. Fun episode, feels like this group could perform well after 36hrs of being awake. Liked how Besser wasn't fazed to back the singer into the most depressing corner and create a scene out of it. Re. the end, there's no shortage of under-par Beatles songs, as is the case with all experimental bands, but there's no point in lingering on any of them when their top 50 is an unquestionable GOAT candidate.
  15. Who says the show pictures need to be taken on an LG flip phone?
  16. Along with Phil Hendrie, this is the only podcast I can think of that wouldn't be enhanced by video, since it has so many excellent fake anecdotes. And yeah, cumulatively, D'arcy has to be considered the best guest of HN.
  17. Trurl

    Episode 350 - Slight Friction

    Beth was way overdue the guest treatment, probably the funniest character actress on TV over the last few years. Since I usually stick to video, and logistically to catch up with older episodes, I tend to miss Two Charted, now I gotta see what the fuss is about.
  18. Trurl

    Episode 349 - The Homophiliacs

    Another top Earwolf Welcoming Committee episode for the books, not that there's anything wrong with that. Can't wait for an Off Book one. To Howard's point about VR warding off movie-goers, it's clearly just a matter of time before they get both cheaper + better than the projector, at which point everything will be filmed in 360, but until then I find it fun to move to the front 3 rows and get the next best thing, a maxed out 180.
  19. This will be a catalogue of the emotional roller coaster that represents their music videos. A couple of them went viral, but their actual YouTube channel is one of the best kept secrets on there. Had to link individual thumbs due to the 2 vid embedding limit. In chronological order:
  20. Great thread. This I had to watch in 3 sittings: And don't know if 2 are allowed, but it'd be fun to hear a take on this cornerstone of show-biz...
  21. Trurl

    Episode 348 - Off Balcony

    Didn't wanna say, but Ahdoot feeling sorry for peeing was the only lowlight of a great episode. His assessment of Stranger Things however, spot on!
  22. For sure, the best compliment for politics is basically being a vehicle for podcasts and parodies like these. Between his new show and these random appearances, Atamanuik has finally surpassed D. Hammond's Trump, still a crying shame that the latter's being muted in favor of Baldwin's cancer-inducing version.
  23. Had heard of these guys from the awesome Dirt 3 soundtrack, loved this track, never occurred me to look them up, this changes things. Expected them to be British and aloof from the name. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X66k0BL5faQ
  24. Well said, a musical podcast was way overdue after the RaffleCast hiatus. You can tell how challenging it is when you hear weathered veterans like PFT and Holland being daunted by it. The singing duo is a revelation, but that pianist is plainly ill.
  25. Trurl

    #CBB500 T-Shirt Giveaway!

    Best thing you can say is it makes it fair game to become blind, catatonic or imprisoned, since it'd fill your time up until such time when you can upload your brain to the Cloud. In fact, that'd be the only way to catch up as a newcomer.