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  1. They should throw caution to the wind and perform all themes live, didn't they amass a cornucopia of beats, trills and jingles over the years? If Off Book can do it, etc.

    And while the show's going strong, I dare call upon plucking the TV Chart out of obscurity, since a. more common ground's likely to be had, and b. more people watch that shit now.

  2. I know, this line-up is too good to be true and Natasha is a godsend, long may her maternity leave continue. It's great that the Kulap era ended amicably, but it doesn't mean humanity's need for Who Charted diminished one bit.

    Jon's song really did win both charts, and great to hear Cyrus is still on top of the game.

    As for the dearth of comments, it's probably just reddit's forum-draining ability. I always thought Who Charted lends itself well to a facebook group, just need one enterprising chartist to step it up.

  3. Another great episode, loved Mark doing an awful impression of an impression and the whole vibrating micropenis and Hades subplots.



    No surprise there, she's done plenty of Earwolf & UCB improv, has lots of friends there, Paul Welsh is in her show, etc.

    And the dog thing's probably inspired by the recent news of Barbara Streisand legitimately having her departed dog cloned twice.

  4. When you change the players it'll be a different show either way, but there's no reason not to believe this could mean a great second wind for the show, as evidenced by the usually awesome WC? female guest hosts. It was inevitable something like this would happen, so for it not to end feels like a bonus. Plus she would have never gone without leaving it in safe hands.

  5. What a sucker punch, I'm curious as to why, and who'll replace her. Alternated between the old and new eps last year, and while it's changed, it hasn't lost any of the charm and humor.

    Have to be glad Howard is keeping it afloat. Seeing how she's proven, Ele Woods would be my replacement guess, as well as my vote.

    End of an era, but there's always the archives which probably 2% ever finished.

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  6. You're splitting hairs, the list seems harsh and hasty, and that's just his persona, take it or leave it - you can't change him. It's natural for his character to change over time, and I think he pulls off the self-defeatist and contentious attitude, it suits him and adds to the unpredictability. Maybe it's the fact that it's the closest thing (chemistry wise) to the now defunct Ronna and Beverly, but I anticipate this podcast more each week.

    If I had one criticism though, it's that every so often, like here, the guests are in two minds over the accent they adopt, so they go for neither realism, nor absurdness, thus losing the parody aspect that's usually so delicious.

  7. Thought K Flay (whom as usual I'd never heard of) came off as well as any musical guests, not just the performance, but the openness and looseness of the interview part.


    Re: Razlax479, I don't know if anyone who wants that version would be willing to dish out for what is just a cropping out, when it takes little to no effort to cut the tracks yourself, unless you're looking for audio fidelity, I guess.


    The only other outcome for the listener would be to improve the standard of guest through the money incentive and potential boost, but it's already quite a rarefied level of guests, plus the exclusivity adds to the fun, like being 'in' on something rare. That said, seeing the quality of content, you got my vote for it.

  8. Great episode, unshackled Besser is the best kind, two hours felt like 30 mins, and the custom charts were a nice touch, they should be a fixture.

    Glad Guy Richie's Arthur got a mention, very solid film, and since no one included these, here's my top 5: 5. Orient Express; 4. Arthur; 3. Disaster Artist; 2. Kingsman II; 1. Baby Driver.

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  9. Scott was is good form, the Jay Leno impression especially came out of nowhere and seriously needs its own podcast.


    I've never seen a quality drop-off as steep as Walking Dead S7, but the candle's been re-lit by that little anecdote at the end here.

  10. Love this combo, though after all these podcasts, he's still Kenny Powers' nemesis to me.


    Halt and Catch Fire's first 2 seasons came in so very handy during an internet-less spell recently, but S3E1 actually made me lose interest :). Also, the name is of a weird early technique of closing the CPU while the computer's still on, but they never bring it up on the show...

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  11. So sad when Mandell mentioned S4 is the funniest, reminded me of an article I read that Reno would have gone on if they had their way, and it would have gotten better and better (which, considering S6's the best, I fully get behind). Shame Garant and Lennon stopped featuring in B$P, not that the show is short on characters. Anyway, hope they don't back down on the Unger thing, he'd be an awesome guest (too)!