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  1. 1 hour ago, taylor anne photo said:

    If my memory is correct, someone else pulls the comments for him to read. I know he's incredibly busy these days so I'm not sure how much he gets on the forums anymore (if you see this Paul - you're always welcome here with open arms). So, I believe that he is truly reacting to things he reads this way because he has no idea that entire things have been omitted.

    Oh yeah, I have no doubt someone else is pulling from the forums and giving him the pertinent info that he reacts to on the spot. That's just how productions go generally.  

    Maybe I should have use quotes, as in; "Paul" said... 

    Really he's just there to take the blame ;) 

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  2. 21 minutes ago, Cameron H. said:

    It’s all in good fun though. If you come here regular (which hopefully you will), you experience all this little fumbles. It’s all good 🙂

    Totally Camera. I don't post much, but have followed each episode for a long time and check the boards.  Have definitely seen it happen before and have experience in the industry enough to know that edits happen in all sorts of ways.  
    I was just shocked cuz after hearing the caller, I'm like "oh, that was my thought, guess he's not going to read mine", only to have it immediately read incorrectly..haha. 
    Seriously still laughing about it. 
    Just having a bit of fun of my own.  :) 

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  3. HAHA.. ok, I'm laughing cuz I'm so confused right now.  I was gonna come on and say "oh no, caller 'stole' my comment"  (and WON!)...or at least, ya know, ALSO knew the same part of the story. Regardless, I was glad that the cricket dying by hammer was brought up in general. 

    BUT THEN, Paul immediately reads my comment, and omits the part where I was referencing the fact he died by hammer in the original story. Which was kinda the whole point of the comment.  lol..."REJECTED"...oh man.  Not sure if that was selective editing or honest oversight.  Just wonder if I can take a small slice of the caller's nothing as I see myself out.

    Part of my post not read:
    "...one element of the source material that never got mentioned was that (in the source material)  when Pinocchio meets the talking cricket who warns him about being disobedient, Pinocchio throws a hammer at him and kills him."

    Without that, it makes it sound like I think the cricket is a ghost for ghost sake...I was saying he's a ghost BECAUSE they were alluding to the source material and he got stepped on (rather than being hit by a hammer). 

    ugh, now I just sound like an idiot.  [trumpet: wha whaa]

    Also, glad he played the DDF confrontation that was edited out of the episode. It was a great part of the night.


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  4. On 1/31/2020 at 10:10 AM, i'll hold the mike said:

    Fun fact about the Chicago Theater: stickers are not allowed in the venue, because someone might stick one on some vintage molding or something like that. So I was stopped mid-distribution of the "John" / "Tall" stickers that some of you may have seen there. 


    I'm glad I got one! It lives on the bottom of my monitor so I never forget the legend of Tall John Sheer.


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  5. This might be just a be a note for Paul since his comment from the Live show  was edited out of the final podcast:

    As Paul has mentioned before, in the live show they show the trailer beforehand  to the audience. When he came out afterwards and they were talking about it, he made mention of the odd choice of music for the trailer.  What he maybe didn't realize at the time is that it is the song "A Kind of Magic" by Queen.  I thought he would have connected the dots when he mentions that Brian May (of Queen) did the music for the movie and did indeed write the opera in it. 

    Maybe he doesn't remember even saying that, but thought to at least mention it here. It obviously makes sense when you know of May's involvement (although still not a super fitting song outside of having the word "magic" in it I guess). 

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  6.   Something I don't  think ever got explicitly address is that, I believe the Cricket  was suppose to be dead and we were seeing his ghost!
    This is not a reach for a  Jacob's Ladder scenario, however one element of the source material that never got mentioned was that (in the source material)  when Pinocchio meets the talking cricket who warns him about being disobedient, Pinocchio throws a hammer at him and kills him. 

    In the movie, when Pinocchio comes across the cricket there is a line to the affect of: "Ow, watch your step" (or something) that is said just off camera. Then we see the cricket with this weird ethereal glow around him that's never explained.  I believe it was a subtle nod to the original story without having to definitively say, in a kids movie, that the cricket died.

    I was at the live show. A great time as always!



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  7. Y'all we've been talking about the Grease references and how we all thought he was ripping off Danny's vibe in this, but I can not believe none of us mentioned that Lorenzo Lamas was in Grease!!! He played "Tom Chisum" who I had absolutely no memory of, but when I talked about this with my mom she said he was Sandy's jock boyfriend that Danny was jealous of. This breaks a whole new light on Lorenzo literally now embodying a character he probably was dying to be the whole time. Sorry Lorenzo, but you ain't no John Travolta.


    OMG, you're right! I totally forgot about that. Holy smokes!

    Do you think he was bitter, at Grease or something? Was this a revenge movie?


    I originally thought it wanted to be the Anti-Grease movie, mainly because after the secretary says the Sandra Dee line, Chilly is like "no the D stands for Dangerous" ..like he was taking a shot at Grease for not being a tough enough movie, or Danny Z not really being tough. Maybe Body Rock (or more so Lorenzo) just wanted to make the 80s version of Grease straight-up. I don't know. Either way, they obviously tried to cash in on some similarities.

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  8. Did this try to be the Anti-Grease movie?


    Several times in this episode, Paul compares the movie's vibe to that of Cocktail and Staying Alive. However, to me, when I first saw Chilly on screen it seemed to me he was mimicking Danny Z from Grease; from his walk/strut, the collar flipping (and eventual leather jacket), ...and in a few moments, poor attempts to be "Fonzy cool". I thought maybe it was just me, but shortly into the movie as he is trying to get into Lawrence's office, he says his name is Chilly D. and the secretary says "D? As in Sandra Dee?" !!!!


    So, I believe that this movie was trying to the Anti-Grease, in which Chilly starts off as a seemingly nice guy (ie.."I can't do that" phone call) , but quickly turns into a horrible person for the entire rest of the movie, as his friends try to stick by his side. Danny Z. from Grease was a nice guy trying to put on a tough image, where Chilly is someone who everyone likes, despite being a complete asshole.

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  9. Wow... i love that fact. The best part being that it's an image of JCVD.


    However, I'm also just noticing in the image it says Pat Morita is in II and III...is that true? Mr Miyagi was in Bloodsport sequels!!

    Now I really have to just do a marathon viewing I think. Does he also play a mentor in that or a fighter, because watching him fight would be awesome!

  10. Have you seen Bloodsport 2 and 3 before that? Believe it or not, if you watch those, Bloodsport 4 becomes even more batshit insane.

    I have not actually. But now you're making me want to. Although I did read at some point that it's the same actor, but a different character he's playing...or it's the same character, but basically has a new life?? Something like that. Sounds insane..it makes the first one look like an absolute masterpiece by comparison.

  11. Wow. This was recently on Amazon Prime for free viewing for members. I didn't even know this existed. It is EASILY in my top 3 favorite bad movies I've ever seen. Not a single second of this "film" make sense.


    HDTGM has already done the original, so why not show how far this franchise has fallen. You will not believe your eyes.

  12. Perhaps a "Plain Zero" solution!!


    If it hasn't been said before (and I don't remember hearing it) I have a possible solution to the horrible sub-zero line.


    I hadn't watched the Running Man prior to the episode. So when this topic came up I inferred that the line was meant to be something like "He's a zero" a.k.a. a loser. Thinking that was a more common insult in those days. Even if if true, the actually Line "Now, plain zero" is still unclear. wouldn't it be more commonplace to say something like "now, JUST plain zero" a small, but perhaps helpful, addition to the line.


    Then I went and found the clip and actually listened to it and I don't think he's saying "plain zero" at all. I think our man Arnie is actually saying "now PLAYING zero". I think the attempt at insult is still similar to what I said above, but the grammatical syntax is a little bit more digestible. I often have to study and analyze VO work as part of my job and the slightest pause he gives in his breath as well as his jaw movement in between the the syllables (play-ing) makes me feel like this is the more likely word.


    Did anyone else think that? Does the line make any more sense that way to anyone else?

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