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    Ep 254 - Love’s Labour’s Lost

    Sooooo Love's Labor's Lost... 1. How DARE this awful awful motion picture hijack all of my favorite american songbook standards (i'll never not tear up when someone does "they can't take that away from me") 2. Can anyone explain the "Martin Scorsese present" at the beginning? 3. Nathan lane makes everything he's in just a bit better. he's so awesome
  2. willycliffton

    Episode 238.5 — Prequel to 239

    Fucking. Cool. World. I absolutely loved that movie as a kid (probably not the greatest movie for a kid to watch but Can't wait to rewatch it now
  3. willycliffton

    The Cutting Edge (1992)

    Can't believe there's not much love for the 1992 classic "The Cutting Edge"... horrible acting, bizarre story, 90s tropes, the works. As a huge hockey fan this was a pivotal movie for me Trailer
  4. did anyone else think the grandfather was a poorly-costumed Jeremy Irons? with some of these movies i feel like a better question is "WHY did this get made"? who is this supposed to appeal to? I remember working at the local theater when this came out and loved Carvey from SNL and Wayne's World but couldn't even bring myself to go watch it for free.....i did chuckle a couple of times watching it for this but oof magoof what about this was appealing for Carvey? hopefully he was paid well because I felt like I could see this disappointment in his face during some of these exceptionally unfunny bits.
  5. That old couple are definitely swingers
  6. Right?! I was also kinda wondering why go to all the effort of having it stolen at all? The movie didn't present it as something he needed to make good music or whatever, he borrowed the violin in the battle scene and then he used the rental??? during the rest of the movie?