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  1. First of all, OFC Conan is the most funny most redhead man alive, keeping us all from suicide with his amazing cross platform body of work. But ---- I have found a bright and shiny gem in the form of Sona Movsasian. The woman be cool, the woman be smart, the woman be dope and the woman be hilarious. Sona, if this comment ever gets to you [please random mod/producer help me on this], I want to coney upon you that from the gigolos mug skit online, you have proven to be a great foil to Conan, really not letting him have it. you're killing it. Even so that many guest (Jake tapper, Kelly Quoco, Ben Stiller), have been clearly impressed by you. Many times you have, when you were paying attention to Conan, managed to know where he is going with his jokes and even engage in great improv with the master. the few episodes without you were very lacking IMO. Your presence is enough to put Conan on his heels waiting to be disciplined for his shenanigans. Much love and appreciation!
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    Guest Requests

    some big names that can easily do 3 hours of amasing episodes: Gregg Daniels, Robert Smigel, Louis CK All knows very close friends of Conan and maybe, like him, the best comedians of this generation.
  3. These are way too short, and way too good. please think about doing 4 guests i'm sure ppl will be lining up to participate and listen