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  1. jakefogelnest

    Episode 1 — Let the Game Begin!

    Speaking of shirts, WILL SOMEONE PLEASE BUY SOME OF JASON WOLINER'S SHIRTS?! WE ARE ALL VERY WORRIED ABOUT HIM!! http://www.jeshirt.tumblr.com
  2. Thanks so much! Would love to do a t-shirt! As the show grows, I promise Earwolf will do one!
  3. jakefogelnest

    Episode 12 — Do The Rap!

    Hey, I'm on Har Mar Superstar's show today and it's pretty fun! http://earwolf.com/episode/radio-weirdos/
  4. jakefogelnest

    Episode 12 — Do The Rap!

    I can't deal with this level of niceness on the Internet! Jensen's podcast is great by the way! Check it out if you haven't! http://smodcast.com/channels/get-up-on-this/
  5. jakefogelnest

    Episode 12 — Do The Rap!

    You guys, Barry Sobel.
  7. Yes, that's the Julie Brown and she is THE GREATEST! We recorded the show yesterday and I can't wait for it to come out! We totally talked about The Edge and everything else in her career! Everything from "Just Say Julie," and "Earth Girls Are Easy" to "Clueless" and "Camp Rock." The whole show is devoted to Julie Brown! I found so many great clips of her stuff I couldn't even get to them all. I'll be putting up a very cool Julie Brown playlist to accompany the episode. She's so awesome! Episode will be out late night on Monday!
  8. jakefogelnest

    Submit clips here!

    I can't even keep up with how fucking awesome this stuff is! PLEASE keep it coming!!!
  9. jakefogelnest

    Episode 186 — New York Mainstays

    Wow, you guys are nice! That one guy does not like me! Sorry one guy!
  10. jakefogelnest

    Episode 9 — Politics!

    "NewsRadio" was the GREATEST. People are starting to leave reviews for "Physical Graffiti" in the iTunes review section. IT IS THE BEST!
  11. jakefogelnest

    Submit clips here!

    This is NUTS because the actor who is playing Navin in this is discussed on the new episode with John Ross Bowie coming out in 15 minutes! I've heard about "The Jerk, Too" but this is the first footage I've seen of it. All of these clips are AWESOME. Thank you so much everyone for submitting stuff. I'm seeing everything you post!
  12. Here's the YouTube playlist for this week's show: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3r0xwQOwaLUKisCboXHFle9wLsZzu9eT Can you see this New York? Thoughts are with you!
  13. One more preview of tonight's show at NerdMelt! [media='']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47vtRLhYAk0[/media] GET TICKETS HERE! Anybody in LA on the forum gonna be there?
  14. Thank you DubipR for that clip! I hadn't seen it since it was originally on TV! I'm putting together the clips for next week's show which you can attend LIVE this Thursday if you live in Los Angeles! [media='']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl2U4TxNfvQ[/media] Someone on my Tumblr just brought up the fact that Lewis basically sexually assaults Betty at the end of "Revenge Of The Nerds" which I think sadly we all have to admit is true. This will be discussed Thursday night at NerdMelt. Really hope to see some of you there! And please introduce yourselves after! GET TICKETS HERE!
  15. jakefogelnest

    Episode 6 — ROCK!!!!!!

    Are you guys coming to NerdMelt on Thursday?! [media='']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl2U4TxNfvQ[/media] GET TICKETS!
  16. jakefogelnest

    Episode 6 — ROCK!!!!!!

    The main source of Manakin research, Ned Raggett has reached out to me on Twitter! He's in touch with the lead singer! He is a preacher in Hawaii. Here's extensive blogs Ned has has written about Manakin's history: http://nedraggett.wordpress.com/2008/09/06/in-search-of-manakin/ http://nedraggett.wordpress.com/2008/09/07/in-continuing-search-of-manakin/ http://nedraggett.wordpress.com/2008/09/07/manakin-iii-the-butch-patrick-connection/ Might have to get Ned in for a special episode!
  17. jakefogelnest

    Episode 97 — Funchbob Coolpants

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I love Ron Funches. Okay, thanks!
  18. Hey everyone! Thank you for being so awesome on here. Liz has handled her MTV teen stuff with such grace. Way better than I did when I was her age! Glad you dug her as a guest! Recording a new episode tomorrow with Eli Braden who is HILARIOUS and great. Fans of The Howard Stern Show will know him from his numerous song parodies about Robin's boobs. The topic for his episode is... ROCK!!!!!!! [media=''] [/media]
  19. jakefogelnest

    Submit clips here!

    I want this guy to be my Dad.
  20. jakefogelnest

    Submit clips here!

    Very familiar with "Get Crazy" directed by Allan Arkush who did "Rock and Roll High School." I want to get Mr. Arkush on the show!!!
  21. jakefogelnest

    Submit clips here!

    Amazing! Alfonso Ribero is discussed on the next episode which drops tonight at midnight! All of these clips are GREAT. Such awesome stuff.
  22. Had NO idea this thread existed. Reading it now. THANKS! This is the first update I've seen on the Max Headroom Pirating Incident since I found it on YouTube a few years ago. Here's a little ten minute documentary someone made that goes into the incident in further detail: [media=''] [/media] I have been obsessed with this event forever. It's amazing to me things like this didn't happen more often!
  23. Horatio is HILARIOUS. Here's a classic thing he did on SNL. A short film Adam McKay made with Steve Buscemi, "Stavenhagen's Pawn Shop: We Pay Cash For Food." [media=''] [/media] I like the forums! I'm here! Thanks for listening!
  24. jakefogelnest

    Submit clips here!

    Kim Deal's utter disinterest makes me SO happy. This is PERFECT. Was actually putting together an MTV episode and this fits right in! Thanks!!
  25. jakefogelnest

    Episode 1 — Jimmies

    Gotta recommend checking out Andrew's Tumblr yoisthisracist.com. He answers mad questions there and people be asking about some crazy racist ish.